3 Misconceptions of Scaling the Distributed Marketing Team

Offshoring used to be a pretty privileged playground for the big boys in IT and Banking.

What was once a niche solution to the problem of exponential growth in tech and finance is now being applied to a wide range of businesses, turning it into a $US86 billion global industry (as of 2018).

Marketing is one of the few sectors that has enjoyed aggressive development over the past years as roles such as digital writing, SEO, or even UX/UI have become more defined as a marketing asset.

Pulling together a distributed marketing team has proven to be advantageous for SMEs in particular. Offshoring removes a lot of their operational bottlenecks and pain points, effectively helping them scale the business, but a lot of Australian companies are still lagging.

One of the reasons for this are the common misconceptions of the benefits offshoring can offer.

Here we try to put into perspective the top three fallacies SMEs often have on not just setting up a digital marketing team, but also on offshoring in general.

1) I’m more likely to find a team member here locally

The demand for marketing specialists in Australia is simply not being met, with the lowest unemployment rate on record the talent pool isn’t deep enough for the demand. According to Job Outlook, companies are currently struggling to fill more than 10,000 vacancies per year, and this is a forecast for at least the next five years!

Available local talents are brushing off SMEs who are still shaping their corporate identities in favour of large corporations and global marketing agencies with a more established presence of which come at a heavy financial cost to the client.

The demand for Marketing skills all over is highly competitive yet the emerging markets of South East Asia are contrasting the scene in Australia, with ambitious, experienced and often highly-qualified marketing specialists always looking for opportunities to rise to.

You can cherry pick your marketing team according to specialty, seniority, or even simply personality types, allowing you to better set up your team’s competency and functions.

2) It’s difficult to set up a team and project manage

The reason Tech as an industry initially stood out in offshoring was because the roles needed were quickly and clearly defined. This allowed the industry to identify who they needed and what these talents needed to deliver.

You could even say that Tech had figured out the grit of it, and Marketing and other business functions are trying to catch up. The processes involved, the software used, the communications held, and the best practices adopted make the workflow virtually on point.

6 out of 10 SMEs don’t make it past the 3-year mark simply because they’re not expanding on key functions, citing overhead costs and budget management as their number one reason. A premium BPO service provider can alleviate the headache with the use of world class communication and project management tools.

Tools such as Slack, Basecamp, Trello, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom make daily stand ups and think tanks very effective and seamless along with providing a collaborative platform for all team members to contribute.

The processes, IT infrastructure, support systems and other related costs are absorbed by the provider as an asset, while you, the SME, enjoy having a team of professionals which you can easily scale accordingly. This means your marketing expenditure is giving you more value for both the long and short term.

3) I need to determine a sizable team first

Untrue! In fact, the majority of first time SMEs start off with only 1 employee and grow from there once trust and capability are delivered.

On top of that, it allowed them to maintain their more urgent functions such as sales without the distraction of having to maintain someone in office.

Allocating tasks to offshore marketing teams is considered to be a lateral and more efficient solution that SMEs can easily adopt. Virtual staff can utilise their know-how to manage social channels, prepare collaterals, optimise website performance or run ads – tasks that can benefit business development regardless of time zone and geographical borders.

Bring together your own distributed marketing team

With your marketing burdens unloaded and branding support from the teams across the world, you can focus on value-added, client-facing activities.

It is these advantages that give SME’s that competitive edge to scale their business model.

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