A young industry as it may seem, offshoring has had significant impact in business development and strategic planning of companies around the world. However, apart from competitive edges and benefits gathered from offshoring, many business owners are also wary of one major issue: data security.

The threat is real! Yet with suitable measures, we can totally tackle or prevent security breeching from happening. Below ASW Global has enlisted 4 best practices to help your business maintain data security when offshoring.

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Choose prestigious providers with certificates

There are hundreds of offshoring service providers out there, but you would want to choose those with certified capabilities and proven blueprint in destination countries. Experience and best practices from these reputable partners are the most important “safety valves” against data security when offshoring, especially as you are too busy with business operation in Australia.

As an Australian-based company, we are proud to be ISO27001 certified. This is a globally-recognised security standard for information management. It means ASW Global’s procedures pass strict examination and we have proof of commitment to data security.

Apply system security policies and audits

Don’t worry if you can’t have personnel or expertise for such advanced security standards. A contract with offshoring service providers will ensure you have all firewalls and protection set up. They even help you distinguish between sensitive and common data. You only need to clearly state expected business standard to be enforced.

One best practice we are currently applying is having stringent firewall policies and database security audits present on all applicable sites, from desktops to servers and email gateways. We patch our security software at regular intervals in order to keep up with even the latest threats. Our system allows corporate emails and ensures access to approved sites only.

Ensure physical, onsite security

Data security when offshoring is not just about cloud-based issues. Onsite, physical procedures are also vital to identify and prevent security breeching beforehand. Sensitive business information should be handled in designated working areas and unauthorised entry from outsiders is strongly prohibited. That way, your data is safe with delegated, well-trained staff only.

That’s why we always ensure all our venues have round-the-clock security system. This entails modern video surveillance, alarms and strict entry requirements (fingerprint scan, employee cards etc.) We also have qualified IT personnel in each office ready to address, control and support in case of misconducts or unexpected threats to data security.

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Provide sufficient training for offshore staff

No matter how advanced your security measures are, they could not be complete without direct involvement from offshore staff – those who work with data on daily basis. Training should be conducted frequently and thoroughly, so that staff have clear understanding of procedures and standards they are expected to reach. Besides, training sessions also enforce connection with your offshore team, hence their continued commitment to business goals.

For instance, we provide highly capable and qualified staff to our clients by carrying out extensive background check and references before recruitment. This ensures compliance to your company’s code of conduct, better work ethics and greater safeguards against security breeching. Non-disclosure agreements and regular training could also be used as extra layers when your staff handle sensitive, confidential information.

Data security when offshoring is definitely a cause of concern for many companies. However, with partnership from ASW Global, you can rest easy. Our offshoring solutions mean you stay in total control of your team and business information while we assist with all data security standards. If you are interested in our absolute security commitment, contact us for more consultation.

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