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5 Tips on How to Build Teamwork and Trust for Your Offshore Business

Having a job is a blessing. But, having a job you love is a bonus. It is similar to having pancakes but with that extra hot chocolate fudge topping.

Now, how do we ensure we sustain the same love we have for pancakes just like we do for our jobs? Keeping the motivation and passion together seems like it. Then again, like any job out there, teamwork and trust are both essential for any core business. It is even more crucial if you are working with an offshore business.

Typically, people get afraid when they are asked to work together to demonstrate their teamwork capability. Reason being, having a team may not necessarily mean you have teamwork. However, teamwork is essential as it goes hand in hand with trust among your team members to ensure a smooth and effective way in carrying out your daily offshore business operations.



The first step in developing effective communication is to communicate verbally. Don’t try to read another person’s mind, and don’t expect them to read yours to understand you. This is vital in creating a harmonious relationship between your team members in your offshore business to ensure your offshore team is on the same wavelength as you are.

Equal workload

Assigning workload to your team equally and delegating them according to their strength and expertise will further boost work efficiency for your offshore business. Allocating tasks to the right people with the right skills will ensure high productivity while delivering quality output. Also, it is a great way to instil the attitude of offering your assistance to your team members once you have completed your work – this builds trust among the team and strengthens the overall work relationship.

Idea generation

When it comes to brainstorming, or discussing on a project, one of the biggest advantages or benefits is to have a team that can inspire each other to further improve on an existing idea. This encourages teamwork as team members feel more confident to suggest their ideas in comparison to working on a project alone. This also creates transparency in completing their tasks as everyone in the team is aware of each other’s tasks, creating a trusted bond between each other in an effective team environment.

Honesty is the best policy

An essential point to take note when it comes to building teamwork and trust for your offshore business is practicing honesty. When you encourage this behaviour from the very beginning, it becomes a good habit. If your team members have an idea during meetings, they will need to be upfront and say so. The last thing you want is for your team to turn around much later and start criticising the person who suggested it. Practice saying what is on your mind now!

Lead by example

As a leader, you have got to build the trust and openness with your team by speaking with them often, as they look up to you for advice and guidance. Hence, modelling good teamwork skills will further foster good feelings and positive work relationships. Don’t hesitate to compliment your team for their effort in delivering a good job – it costs very little to say that to them, but it is one thing we know that truly lifts people. You may schedule as many one-on-one meetings to further understand your team members’ attributes.

Fundamentally, you will need to build both teamwork and trust in ensuring the success of your offshore business or in any other industry. In addition to other positive attributes, teamwork is one that is filled with the potential to nurture a fulfilling and meaningful way of working together in any kind of business you are in. And, trust? Trust comes along with it once you have earned it.

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