Employee Case Studies

A Successful Creative Force Founded on Communication and Collaboration

December 17 ,2021
ASW Team Philippines

How do you keep the creative juices flowing in your team, especially with this “new normal” remote working? One team from ASW Philippines make this work, deliver awesome results, and exemplify ASW’s values of collaboration and support for an inclusive working environment.

1. Hi Team! Please introduce yourselves and tell us about your work and what do you enjoy outside work?

Arjay: I am Ryan Joel Alivia or Arjay, senior designer for the team, and I oversee the work of the entire studio team here in Manila. I’ve been working for ASW for about 8 years now. Outside work, I usually just enjoy working out, listen to music and watch movies. When I’m inspired, I create some digital works that, for me, is therapeutic.

Thea: I’m Thea Tresvalles and I’m assigned to create layouts that are posted on client’s social media pages. I enjoy bonding with my siblings over games and films.

Jesus: I’m Jesus Morales, Jr. I am the only deaf member in the team. I am a Junior Graphic Designer and I’ve been working with ASW since March 2020. I do volunteer service for the deaf community and the homeless. I am a storyteller to the deaf kids and conduct activities for children of deaf adults (CODA). I am also an events facilitator for Deaf Awareness and Filipino Sign Language.

Jonathan: My name is Jonathan Llarena. I am the copywriter and social media executive of the team. I have been with ASW since March 30, 2020. I like to read, learn how to cook, go to the gym, take walks in the city, and sometimes build Gundam models. I watch reviews, documentaries or travel vlogs on YouTube, and Formula 1 races. One of my goals is to watch the race in Monaco.

2. What are the usual challenges that you encounter? What do you enjoy most about your work?

Jesus: Because it was challenging for me to communicate with my teammates via Skype Chat, they tried to sketch it out for me so I could easily understand and work on the new project. Our team leader Arjay has been an awesome support to me and the team, helping me to push creatively and manage our workload. I am so happy for being a part of the team.

Jonathan: One of the most challenging aspects is coming up with new ideas that are different from what has been presented before. As a social media executive, I also have to carefully plan each post, especially when two or more campaigns are launching at the same time. I am so grateful that I have been given the freedom and trust to explore and manage my creative work.

3. How would you describe yourselves as a team? What is the secret of your teamwork?

Arjay: Our team started when the pandemic happened and surprisingly, our work dynamics is outstanding even though we mainly work together online. We are just open with each other. We make sure that each member has breathing space to fill their creative juices for a well-executed output.

Thea: I believe the secret to teamwork is constant communication especially with our team leads, both with local and with Australia. We make it a responsibility to reach out with each other as we work on our tasks. Being comfortable to message my team members when I have worries about work encourages me to keep going.

4. How do you motivate yourself and each other at work, especially during this pandemic?

Arjay: For me, I have early morning talks to myself that the work will be good, plus some music to set the mood. I greet the team via chat and just ask them random stuff and joke around to make their mood light and happy. I also motivate them by guiding them to become better in their roles, to level up and push harder.

Jonathan: I read somewhere that motivation should be internal and not based on something tangible or material. Basing your motivation on external things can create a feedback loop where you are never satisfied because you are chasing things that you think will motivate or satisfy you, trapping you in this hedonistic cycle. For me, it’s been pushing my creativity every day to see how far I can go. In the event of a creative block, I employ some personal practices to get back on track or just do admin work.

5. What important lessons have you learned working together as a team?

Thea: Communication is important especially in this pandemic. We can help keep each other stay sane by interacting with one another, even if it’s just virtually.

Jesus: I am still trying to do my best to read and analyse in English. I know I am still not good but I am working hard for the clients and the team.

Jonathan: I have learned the importance of constant communication and feedback.

Arjay: Open communication is one important thing to have very good teamwork dynamics. You need to let them feel that their opinions are welcome and to listen to their views and ideas. It’s not always about work but even on random stuff.

6. Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fellow ASW colleagues since we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary?

Jonathan: Happy 10th year anniversary ASW! Joining you has been a huge blessing, especially considering what happened in 2020. And that onboarding was just memorable. To my fellow ASW colleagues, stay safe and healthy. We will all be out of this dark tunnel soon.

Arjay: I would like to congratulate ASW for reaching 10 years in the industry and may you have more years to come.

Thea: Keep going and hopefully, we can all personally meet each other soon!