What is the difference between outsourcing and offshoring?

Outsourcing is contracting work out to a third-party company regardless of location. Usually, companies look to outsource because there is a lack of skillset to complete the project in the company whereas offshoring is specifically hiring employees overseas to work with your local team and can save your business costs. Your new team members become part of your team and they learn about your company culture and values.

Is my data safe with my offshore team?

Absolutely. We have years of experience working in APRA regulated industries and to ensure your data is safe, we have firewalls and protection against Trojans/viruses through anti-virus software on our servers, desktops, email gateways and internet filters. We conduct regular penetration tests and scans to ensure that the network and systems are secure.

How do I organise a meeting to discuss our business requirements?

Please give us a call on 02 8016 5500 and we will walk you through what we require or alternatively, send us an email at info@aswhiteglobal.com and let us know a suitable time to call you.

Can I choose how long I can partner with ASW for?

At ASW, we offer flexible options that cater to different business needs. After an analysis of the requirements is performed, we then create our contracts accordingly.

Can the staff overseas understand and speak English?

All our overseas team members understand and speak fluent English and there would be no problems communicating with them in any way. We ensure we hire offshore teams with excellent English communication skills.

What is the minimum number of offshore staff I can hire?

You are welcome to hire as many employees as you would like. Please speak to one of our customer service representatives in the Sydney office on 02 8016 5500 to discuss the best options for your business.

Can I choose what country I would like to offshore? E.g. Either Vietnam or The Philippines

Certainly. We are here to cater to your requirements and therefore you decide where you would like to build your global team. We can however, provide you with guidance and recommend which country is best for your business needs.

How much is this going to cost?

This depends on how many offshore employees you require. Our fee structure is simple and transparent. We provide our partners with the flexibility they need, under a staff based pricing model that enables you to set up your own team in either Vietnam, the Philippines, or Malaysia and is fully supported and managed by ASW.

How does ASW invoice their clients?

ASW provides monthly invoices in Australian dollars.

Who will provide training to my new employee/s?

For your new employees to gain a thorough understanding of what is required of them, it is advised a member from your Australian office travel to the host country to provide full product training. Alternatively, you can provide training via phone, Team Viewer, Skype or video conferencing facilities.

Who supplies my new employee/s with their equipment?

We do! We equip your new employee/s with the latest technology for them to work in the most efficient way possible.

Am I able to train my new employee/s with whatever I like or are there certain guidelines?

Your employee/s will be trained to your standards. We do not have any guidelines however, we do act in the most ethical way and have a responsibility to ensure all employee/s are treated equally.

Once I have my offshore team set up, who can I report any issues to?

In the rare case of having any issues with your overseas team members, you can contact your dedicated account manager and they would be able to resolve any issues that need to be rectified as quickly as possible.

Would the new employee/s be working at one of the ASW offices or would they be working from home?

The new employee/s would be working in one of our A grade offices in the Vietnam, the Philippines, or Malaysia. We understand that there would be busy periods throughout the year, therefore we hire staff who are committed to getting the job done even if it means a little overtime.

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