Mr. Joe Fussell

Founder & CEO

Strategic planning, operations and management oversight of ASW across three international locations and head office in Sydney. Joe has over 30yrs experience in the IT industry and finance sector. Previously at EML as CIO leading an IT transformation in a period when EML grew from 100 staff in NSW to over 2,000 staff across Australia and Asia. Like all in the sector Joe faced challenges attracting talent, as a result in 2011 he established a team in Vietnam for software development. ASW was born!

Initially a team of 10, ASW has now grown to over 800 staff in three countries for more than 25 other partners from Australia, the UK and the USA.

Mr. Anthony Fleetwood

General Manager, Finance

With 11 years of experience in personal injury and claims management as well as over 16 years’ experience in outsourced contract management and financial management, he served as the Chief Operations Officer for Employers Mutual across NSW and South Australia. At present, Anthony is a Non-Executive Director of the Leading Edge Group Limited.

Mr. Daniel Breese

General Manager, Business Development

The initial point of contact for new partnerships and responsible for managing our internal marketing communications, sales department and optimising recruitment processes for our new partners.

Dan has a background in professional sport (AFL) and having owned multiple businesses for over 11 years, these skills have enabled the ability to help clients navigate effectively when scaling a team.

“I have a real passion in enabling SME’s the ability to create strong, cost effective business foundations that give the our partners a platform to scale”

Mrs. Michelle Fung

General Manager, Corporate Services

Operating in four countries means operating under four different legal systems and four different commercial environments, each with their unique differences. Having been with ASW from day one, Michelle has been instrumental in the success of setting-up and scaling ASW’s overseas operations. Michelle’s knowledge and experience in working with a broad range of regulators, service providers, auditors and stakeholders, have enabled ASW to deliver the services that our partners and ASW require, to help us grow together.

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