AS White Global (ASW) is an Australian company with headquarters in Sydney and contemporary offices spread across Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. We help organisations build their global teams and capability by providing international talent selected from the large talent pool in South East Asia. We pride ourselves on sourcing the right employees for our partners, no matter what the industry is and have years of experience doing it.


ASW is an agile company, with an independent and forward thinking Board of Directors. Since 2011, the company has grown from 50 to over 750 employees internationally. Our agility and passion have allowed us to effectively service our growing portfolio of clients.

TypePrivately Owned Incorporated in Australia
OfficesAustralia, Vietnam (3), The Philippines and Malaysia
No of offices6
Total office space4400 sqm2
No of StaffOver 750
Annual Turnover$35m
Staff Retention Rate96%
We provide
Customised Recruitment Solutions in Offshoring and Outsourcing for Your Australian Business | AS White Global
Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment is at the heart of everything we do. To get started, we require an overview of your company goals, job descriptions, number of team members you require, and desired attributes. This information will be used to create bespoke job adverts targeting the right talent that will contribute towards the growth of your team.

Integrated Global Teams by Offshoring and Outsourcing in Australia from Malaysia Philippines and Vietnam | AS White Global
global teams

Once the new team members become part of your team, they will learn about your organisation, culture, values, and ways of doing things. You can develop and train your new team members as you would a local Australian employee and provide them with any tasks that are required for your organisation.

Affordable Global Workforce by Offshoring and Outsourcing in Australia | AS White Global
global workforce

You can grow your organisation and team in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to hire the same staff locally.

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