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The Advantages of Offshoring Helpdesk Services & Solutions

It seems like it’s becoming a norm these days for organisations to digitise their operations and processes to transform and improve their business performance and customer experience at a rapid pace. It’s even more common for offshore helpdesk services & solutions as they are able to provide support to just about anywhere in the world at a centralised location.

As the clock ticks, new data is being created. IT is no longer a support function but a business driver in terms of delivering better productivity, security, customer experience, agility, and innovation for your business.

Offshoring helpdesk services & solutions is becoming increasingly popular as it’s more strategic and functional. It doesn’t only create an opportunity for businesses to think about the future but also, to make more long-term plans.


Offshoring your helpdesk services or solutions might just be one of the best practices to allow troubleshooting IT service requests to run faster and more efficiently. If you’re worried that it may be a hassle process, don’t fret as the service/solution strategy is firstly designed to ensure your services meet the right business needs. When the services are fully designed, they moved into production stage and starts operating. You could also easily ship some of your IT functions offshore to match skills availability and proximity requirements if required.

When you optimise your helpdesk work productivity, this leads to great cash savings for your company. In other words, “you have to get better and better at driving operational costs down, so you can do more project work,” says Steve Bandrowczak, CIO of Nortel.

Should a failure or interruption occur to your IT service or system, the incident can easily be reported to your offshore helpdesk team which can be done either by phone, Skype, or helpdesk contact email.


Your offshore helpdesk team works in shifts providing you with 24/7 of continuity service. This continuation of service and support is important in ensuring that your team helps to implement enhancements to your IT services that can further improve your business processes. This doesn’t only increase the work efficiency but also boosts the cost effectiveness of the entire service lifecycle.


Generally, when your business decides to offshore helpdesk services or solutions, this boasts better technological capabilities for your business performance. It gives you the upper hand to expand and explore into other countries and new markets as you get to control more effectively while generating new revenue, to speed up other work projects, and more time for you to focus on your customers.

That being said, ASW can provide fully qualified and experienced helpdesk teams across Vietnam, The Philippines, or Malaysia. Our commitment to establishing high standard, customer-focused and well-integrated solutions management model has allowed us to extend our offering to companies like yours that are looking at either starting their own helpdesk team or are looking at expanding their current one.

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