Yet another year is coming to an end, and what a year it has been!

As we reflect on the year that was, it’s evident that we’ve delivered tremendous value through various aspects of the business. 2019 has proven to be an incredible year for ASW Global as we keep growing, both internally and externally – achieving new records, hitting new milestones and expanding on several new services.

We’ve highlighted some of our more notable wins that impact our partners, talent, stakeholders, and the business itself.


In August, ASW Global enjoyed hiring our 1,000th team member across Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. We will be entering 2020 with a little more than a 1,100 headcount. That’s around 200 unique roles!

This came about as existing partners continued scaling their teams with us as well as new partners coming on board. At present, our clientele list has grown to 60 partners from Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. ASW Global now work across 23 industries.


As the number of our employees continues to grow, we’ve had to take on new offices to accommodate the additional headcount – we now have a total of 10 offices! Employees have enjoyed better equipment upgrades such as laptops, monitors, meeting rooms and other office facilities and conveniences.

Our social media channel content was given a touch of new life. We revamped in terms of functionality and aesthetics, updating its overall look.

Take a peek at our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Several investments on initiatives and infrastructure were made as they showed great promise from the previous year. Part of our growth strategy is the introduction of independent services:

  • SOY Digital was launched, a digital marketing agency that specialises in online branding and advertising. The agency covers a wide scope of digital services to help businesses connect to their audience and drive performance in an impactful, measurable way. To learn more about SOY, please visit the website and get in contact to discuss how they may be able to help with your business.
  • The Talent Consultants is an independent service that focuses on identifying and selecting the best talent for offshore services. They provide generalist recruitment services to a wide variety of businesses and are presently focused in penetrating the Vietnam market. Find out more about The Talent Consultants HERE.


Following last year’s successes, we once again held the ASW Weight Loss Challenge for all our offices. There was tremendous response as employees, went on a 3-month journey to improve their holistic health. It is a part of ASW’s measure to ensure that our team are taken care of.

Following the accomplishment of our physical health approach, we went on with implementing our first Mental Health week. Executed by HR in each of the respective countries, mental health talks were given by certified psychologists on handling stress in the work environment, maintaining mindfulness and living a balanced life.

HR implemented Leadership Workshops for each country, teaching coaching, soft skills, and managerial skills. These courses were open to anyone in the company interested to take their skill sets further.


Team members from each country enjoyed a company trip, with each office exploring different destinations. The Vietnam office enjoyed a metropolitan vacation, spending their annual retreat visiting Kuala Lumpur. The Philippines got their hair wet over at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark in Cebu. Malaysia on the other hand spent their days lounging at the beach at Shangri-La Sabah.


ASW Global enables each office to lead their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive to better fit the objectives of their local environment. Our Philippine office conducted a tree planting and team building activity, collaborating with Fostering Education & Environment for Development (FEED) and sponsored the planting of 200 Philippine Indigenous Forest Trees in the Sierra Madres of Sinoloan Laguna.

Vietnam opted instead to participate in the Terry Fox 5km run. The ASW Vietnam Trade Union sponsored participants from the office, representing the company in support for cancer research.

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At ASW Global, we build on our business by improving yours. We remain dedicated on growing both our partners and ourselves, focused on delivering as much value possible from all angles. We’re ambitious and excited to further our objectives in 2020.

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