ASW Global by the Numbers

February 10 ,2020
ASW Global by the Numbers

ASW Global has been fortunate enough to enjoy steady growth as a provider of remote teams to its Australian partners since its inception in 2011. With eight successful years under our belt, we would like to celebrate this milestone by acknowledging the individual parts that make up our whole company.


With just 47 employees in Vietnam in 2011, ASW has grown exponentially throughout the years across Malaysia and the Philippines, with over a thousand remote employees by the end of 2019. By December 2019 ASW Vietnam has had 257 employees; ASW Malaysia had 351; ASW Philippines had 462. We owe this to the different partners we work with, many of them who continue to expand with us over the years.

Offices and Locations

In Vietnam, our remote teams are distributed across six different offices in three buildings; Malaysia across three offices in two buildings, and the Philippines in one building. ASW Vietnam has a total floor space of 1,067 square meters; Malaysia, 2,796 square meters; and the Philippines, 2,177 square meters. Each property is equipped to house huge numbers of employees, along with the kind of technology they will need to work efficiently.


We work with clients in 20 different industries — from Accounting, Building Materials, Environmental Services, IT, Legal Services, to Management Consulting, Real Estate, Retail and Telecommunications. Each country features BPO hotspots that are home to all types of remote work with clients all over the world. Our partners are businesses of all sizes with headcounts ranging from less than ten to 10,000.


ASW Global has more than 160 unique roles servicing a wide range of clients. We have .Net Developers, Accounts Payable Officers, Campaign Managers, Full Stack Web Developers, Network Engineers, Tax Managers, UI/UX Designers, and many more nuanced roles.

ASW Global is thankful for the continuously growing numbers as a result of working with our partners, and most especially, our offshoring team members. We acknowledge each one not as a statistic but as a valued professional who has contributed to our success in the past years. Because of their varied work experiences, unique skills, outstanding work ethic and interesting personalities, ASW Global is achieving milestone after milestone with every passing year.