ASW Global Launches “The Biggest Loser: Teams Challenge!”

September 08 ,2022
AS White Global has launched The Biggest Loser

In previous years, AS White Global has launched The Biggest Loser challenges for individual participants in line with our key values on Personal Development and Continuous Improvement.

This year, it comes with a twist! To also align with our key value of Teamwork, we are introducing “The Biggest Loser: Teams Challenge!” The competition will run for 12 weeks, from September to the end of November 2022.

In this new format, teams will be made up of five people plus one Health Mentor whose weight loss will not be part of the calculation. The Health Mentor’s role will be to share their experiences and provide motivation and encouragement to the team whilst sharing in the glory (and prizes) of the team’s success.

Speaking of prizes, the winning team in each country will get to go on the company trip to another one of our countries (Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines)! And as an added incentive, each country’s winning team will share $1,000 AUD, the team in second place will be awarded $750 AUD, and $500 AUD for the third-place team. What’s more, for every one percent our participants lose, we will donate $10 AUD to a health-related charitable organisation.

Good luck to all teams! Have a healthy and happy weight-loss challenge!