ASW Malaysian IT Salary Guide

July 25 ,2021
ASW Malaysian IT Salary Guide

ASW is happy to share the first in our series of Salary Guides to help companies get a detailed overview of what it’s like to offshore in any of our three locations in Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. In these Salary Guides, you’ll learn about the rich capabilities of each location, and the many roles you can tap to create your own global offshore team. To kick off, here’s our Malaysian IT Salary Guide, and everything you need to learn to offshore managed solutions in Malaysia, specifically offshore IT services.  

Our aim 

For us at ASW, we want to ensure that businesses exploring offshoring are equipped with all the information they need before they take the leap. Some companies feel apprehensive because there are a lot of uncertainties – political climate, culture, literacy rate of the workforce, government support for their industry, time zones, and more. To help educate and clear expectations about offshoring, we’ve designed our Salary Guides to be the main reference for businesses looking into offshoring, so they have a quick and useful guide as they perform their due diligence. 

The Malaysian IT Salary Guide is a manual that touches on anything you’ll need to know about offshore IT roles and services in Malaysia, specifically in our Kuala Lumpur office. From Malaysia’s population, the IT professionals in the workforce, government support in information technology, Malaysian culture, and the many different IT roles and their corresponding salary ranges. 

Malaysia: a formidable offshoring destination 

Malaysia has a population of about 33 million, with 14 million in the labour workforce and about 173,000 diploma and degree graduates joining the workforce every year. 87.6% of the workforce are qualified professionals, and they have a 95% literacy rate. There are over a million Information and Communications Technology professionals in the workforce, which makes Malaysia a great destination for offshore IT services.  

Perhaps the most interesting attribute of offshoring in Malaysia is their innate value for diversity and inclusion. The Malaysian identity is rooted in Muhibah, which refers to harmony between ethnicities. Malaysia is home to varied cultures – Malay, Chinese and Indian – and this co-existence between diverse cultures can also be seen at work and in businesses where Malaysian professionals are able to adapt to foreign cultures, connect with them and work together to bring development and success.  

Primed for offshore IT services 

Malaysia has ramped up on building its IT sector over the years by investing in the development of its national broadband infrastructure, transition into Industry 4.0, as well as on scholarships that focus on data science programs. The country also zeroed in on SkillsMalaysia 2.0, an initiative of the Human Resources Ministry, designed for the education and training of professionals to increase technological mastery and address local and international demand for IT-related work. Consequently, big household name tech companies like IBM, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and more have established remote teams in Malaysia for their high-value IT capabilities. 

Offshore managed solutions in Malaysia 

Malaysia is an offshoring location that will, without a doubt, bring a competitive edge to businesses all over the world in terms of offshore IT services. Its prime location and close proximity to Australia allow businesses to build an offshore global team that will provide smarter solutions to help you scale. To learn more about IT and offshore managed solutions in Malaysiacontact ASW for a more in-depth discussion. Watch out for more of our Salary Guides in the coming months. 

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