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Why Australian Companies Prefer ASEAN Countries for Offshoring Destinations

In the dawn of automation and business process as a service (BPaaS), ASEAN countries have successfully adapted to the trends and emerged as the most promising region for offshoring destinations. According to AT Kearney’s annual ranking for the most preferred locations in the global offshoring industry are India, China, and Malaysia.

As a close-knit neighbour, Australian companies will definitely benefit from the economic partnership, should they choose to go offshore in these top ASEAN countries.


Of all the developed economies in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia can be seen as “the guy next door” to the ASEAN. Direct flights are available from Canberra to any countries in Southeast Asia and they normally take only 8-10 hours. This proximity allows Australian business owners to easily visit their offshore team and even assist in onsite training for better work flow.


Some ASEAN countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are no newcomer to the global offshoring landscape. Their experience, when combined with the ambition and adaptability of new players like Vietnam or Thailand, provide Australian companies with various options for their investment decisions. Whether you opt for experience, innovation or the combination of both, the region always has unique competitive edges to better equip your company in the global offshoring competition.


More and more Australian companies choose to build their offshore teams in different countries due to demand and requirements. That is when the ASEAN comes in as an ideal solution, in which your company can get access to not 1 but 10 partnered countries. For example, you can easily build an offshore team in Vietnam, and then expand the operation to Malaysia or Laos when you’re ready. The integration and alliance are further helping this prospect by pancaking many regulatory and legal barriers.


Integrated as it may seem, there’s still intense competition among ASEAN members to push the whole economic bloc forward. Of course, investors like Australian companies will benefit most from the government support, tax incentive policies, and improved infrastructure. Currently, the competition has witnessed many offshoring and outsourcing centres being built in Malaysia and the Philippines for fear of the rising stars like Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.


Next, let’s talk about the main obstacle that has hindered ASEAN countries from shining in the global offshoring industry for all those years is the infamy of cyber-crimes and data insecurity. Together with all the aforementioned factors, these destinations have welcomed the greatest change and awareness of data security to better attract and service foreign clients with strict requirements. Cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and global security standards are becoming norms in these countries.

As a service provider as well as an Australian pioneer in offshoring to ASEAN countries, AS White Global has gained valuable experience and lessons from operating in this dynamic region. We would love to hear and advise you through the whole process of building your talented offshore global teams in Vietnam, Malaysia or the Philippines. Contact us to learn more today.

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