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Joe Fussell

Business Analysis at ASW Global

In recent discussions with various Business Analyst (BA) teams this week, we spoke about how the teams have been an integral part and a crucial bridge between the technical and non-technical stakeholders. Thanks to their hard work, we are always successful in improving the communication between Software Development teams and maximising the value of the product.

The discussion has also provided me with insights of the hurdles that stand in the way and how BA teams at ASW have overcome to ensure a smooth deployment. They can be summarised as the following categories:

Understanding the outsourcing requirements from users

  • Stand in stakeholders’ shoes to understand the root causes.
  • Ask the right questions to extract the right information.
  • Gain the users’ confidence and trust through regular communication.

Resolving users’ conflicts

  • Analyse users’ current business process to understand the resistance and conflict.
  • Look for room for improvement in existing procedures.
  • Support decision-makers and bring more value to the business.

Accommodating the useful changes

  • Analyse and prioritise the required changes to their corresponding sprints.
  • Apply the MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could, Won’t) analysis.
  • Advise the stakeholders on the decision-making process.

Fortunately, with the support from our valued partner Employers Mutual, BA teams have many opportunities to gain onsite experience in Australia.

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