Our ASW family is made up of circa 1100 employees. Head-office is in Sydney with less than a dozen of our people working there. In Vietnam we have 250 spread across 3 offices in Ho Chi Minh City. In the Manila in the Philippines we have 500, and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we have 330 people.

At ASW, some of our People work for what we call ‘internal’ teams (e.g. HR, Recruitment, Finance, IT Support etc). However, the majority of our employees also work directly for one of our overseas-based clients. This means that many of us essentially have two work families, making our working environment pretty unique and highly engaging.

In our 2020 internal employee survey, 95% of our respondents said that they “understand what is expected of them at work” and 87% said that they “have the opportunity to do their best work every day”. These two figures highlight the clarity our People receive from their leaders and clients in their day-to-day work, and also indicate that the work they are doing is engaging.

See below for some real insights to the working environment at ASW....

Accountant - Viet Nam

I love the pleasant work environment here where I can learn not only working skills but also personal skills. ASW offers flexible working hours to employees, it is one of the most attractions as it shows the trust and care from ASW. I learned a lot from colleagues as well managers.

Accountant - Viet Nam

Broking Administration - Malaysia

Team Lead - Philippines

Collaboration at ASW is an important part of our company culture. Everything we do involves collaboration with either our ASW team, or our Client team offshore. For many of us, this means collaborating with colleagues in Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, or Australia (or all four countries!)

Our clients are also based in either Australia, the UK, NZ, or the US, meaning we get exposed to new working styles and cultural diversity which is pretty special.

Speaking of Diversity ... apart from our cultural diversity due to being a multi-national business, we work hard on being an inclusive workplace. To us this means welcoming people from all backgrounds; respecting our differences; and celebrating the various cultural events of our colleagues. We are also an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer.

In our 2020 survey on culture and engagement, our People told us that their top motivator at work was their colleagues! How nice is that? They told us how proud they are to be part of their team, and part of the family culture that is inherent at ASW.

Assistant Team Leader - Malaysia

I have handled a team for almost 3 years now. At ASW we believe that everyone deserves to betreated fairly, and not discriminated against. We as leaders, cannot be judgmental if someone has a disability or an illness, we just need to talk openly, and give them opportunity to shine.

Assistant Team Leader - Malaysia

Onsite Technical Support - Philippines

Technical Architect - Viet Nam

For many of our People, family and personal lives are a big motivator when it comes to working here at ASW.

  • We believe in working hard, but not over-working (e.g., you can expect very little overtime).
  • We believe in treating each-other like family (e.g., with respect and care).
  • We provide benefits that align to our culture and brand.

One of our company values is Personal Development, which for us is about encouraging accountability and individual growth and learning, both inside and outside of work. Here’s some of our People talking about what work-life balance means to them ...

Change Manager - Malaysia

With the office being located at The Gardens, a brisk walk of 10 mins not only gets me to the gym but has half my warmup done. Fortunately, my working hours (6am - 3pm) allows me to time my trips to the gym outside of peak hours and stay in my fittest self, even during the lockdown.

Change Manager - Malaysia

Senior Accountant - Malaysia

HR Assistant - Viet Nam

When it comes to Benefits, they differ slightly depending on location, however, consist broadly of the following:

  • Medical benefits.
  • Great Paid Leave entitlements (above local norms).
  • Team outings, travel opportunities, company events (e.g., Diwali, Tet, Christmas, Hari Raya Puasa).
  • Exposure to an international environment, working with people across Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Australia.
  • Industry and role-related training.
  • Mental Health and Wellness initiatives and support.
  • Ongoing career opportunities.
  • Events and parties -and we do have legendary parties if we do say so ourselves!

At ASW we understand that being a global corporate citizen means stopping to think about the communities and the environment around us and seeing where we can play a role in creating more sustainable futures for everyone. Our People engage in various Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR) activities throughout the year. We partner with local and international organisations to plant trees, feed the less fortunate, or raise money for various charities. Beyond our professional responsibilities, we are eager to give back to communities and make an important impact together.

Being part of a global business allows our People to experience new ideas and ways of working. We encourage our partners, clients and employees to take advantage of the learning that working across cultures brings, and as such facilitate their own development in this space.

ASW is a People-focussed organisation, two of our values are Continuous Improvement & Personal Development, and as such we provide a variety of learning courses including communication, personal effectiveness, coaching, management and leadership. We also offer more targeted training for certain teams and specialisations across the company.

ASW is supported by a global People & Culture (P&C) team, headed up by Ms Gizelle Evangelista in Manila. Each location has local HR support to lead and run HR initiatives and programs. Within the P&C Team we have a dedicated Learning & Development Corporate Training Specialist, who coordinates our global training programs.

We have a formal annual appraisal cycle which includes a development plan for employees and their Manager to work through together. This allows us to also identify our high potentials, future leaders and look at more specialised development plans to support their career growth.

QC Lead - Viet Nam

I have handled a team for almost 3 years now. At ASW we believe that everyone deserves to betreated fairly, and not discriminated against. We as leaders, cannot be judgmental if someone has a disability or an illness, we just need to talk openly, and give them opportunity to shine.

QC Lead - Viet Nam

ATL - Philippines

Team Leader - Malaysia

Technical Business Analyst - Viet Nam

Being an Australian-owned company, we have a relatively flat management structure, which allows all views to be heard. As an organisation we encourage accountability and collaboration, as well as continuous improvement.

One of our core company values is Honesty, which is key to our cultural dynamic and daily interactions. We own our mistakes, we learn, and we move forward. ASW is focussed on delivering long-term, sustainable partnerships for clients, and we therefore look for new employees who align closely to our values and culture.

We recognise that leadership is a life-long journey, not something that one course or program can deliver in a day or two. As such we run annual Leadership development programs over the space of multiple months for our existing and future leaders, as well as other soft-skills and technical training to support them in their roles.

At ASW we believe that you don’t have to have the title of ‘leader’ to demonstrate true leadership qualities – everyone can take personal accountability and show honesty and respect to others every day.

Hear directly from some of our People about their leadership journey at ASW...

Accountant Team Lead - Viet Nam

Compassionate Leadership is one of the most essential concepts that I learned from one of the ASW Leadership courses I attended. It is a reminder to lead from both your head and heart. It is also a proactive approach in management and a crucial part of growing a dedicated team.

Accountant Team Lead - Viet Nam

Team Leader - Philippines

Team Leader - Viet Nam

Our Talent Acquisition team is made up of specialist Talent Acquisition Consultants (Recruiters), located in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

ASW is committed to being an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer, which means that we ensure that all employment decisions are based on the needs of the business, job requirements and the individual’s qualifications, without regard to race, colour, religion or beliefs, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, relationship or marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law in the countries in which we operate.

We ensure that our process is entirely compliant with local EEO laws. This includes:

  • Ensuring that position descriptions do not contravene EEO requirements;
  • Ensuring that our recruitment evaluation
    processes are compliant; and
  • Making sure that any prioritized groups are accounted for in the process.

What to expect?

At ASW we follow a robust, but friendly and professional approach to our Candidate Experience (CX). We are looking for great candidates who love what they hear about us at ASW, but also our clients (their brand, their team, and the role).

Should you apply for a position with us online, you will receive an automated acknowledgement via email so that you know we have received your CV.

If you are deemed potentially suitable for a role, you will be contacted by one of our Talent Acquisition Consultants for an initial conversation.

Following a successful phone-screen, our Talent Acquisition team may also conduct a Behavioural Interview with you via Zoom or F2F to further ascertain your alignment to our values and culture; the role; your career goals and motivations.

If you are then short-listed to a role with us internally, or one of our clients, you will be briefed and prepared in advance.

Our clients tend to run a more specialist/technical or competency style of interview, but they also use the time to get to know their potential future new team member – so relax, make eye-contact with your camera, and let yourself shine. Your local Talent Acquisition Consultant will fill you in on the rest, and any other testing, or local background checking requirements related to the role.