Client is a direct response copywriting agency. They specialize in copywriting websites and landing pages.

Being direct response copywriters means we don’t pump websites full of hot air. Our job isn’t to make the client’s mum proud because the client sounds fabulous. Our job is to get readers to take action.

To get action, we research the target reader deeply. We want to be sure that the words we write will persuade that reader to do what the client needs; we don’t care about other readers who stumble onto the page. The other readers can hate the page. Our job is to get that ideal reader to click, download, pick up the phone, email or pull out their credit card.

Direct response is as niched as we’ve gotten. Our project whiteboard today lists accountants in Brisbane and Atlanta, a pain management doctor in Chicago, a funeral director in Sydney, a PPC agency in LA and a finance company in Far North Queensland. In previous months, the whiteboard of active clients included clients in surgery, financial planning, software development, call centers, gastroenterology and home-building from around the world.

Who you are

You are fascinated by people and business. You can’t learn enough about how the two things come together. You know you don’t have to like everyone you research, but you’re excited to find out what makes different people tick.

You read widely and swim in different styles of writing. Also, you want to know things because experience tells you that the most random piece of information or serendipitous connection can be the key to unlocking a piece of copy. You don’t mind diving into TV or film either — your tastes range from worthy documentaries to gaggles of real housewives shouting at each other. Everything you read and watch tells you something about people.

Sure, you care about grammar and spelling. You know the rules. Perhaps you could bore for Oxford about a comma. But you don’t mind starting a sentence with but. Because grammar matters, but you know readability sweeps the path for persuasion.

You have at least five years of experience as a direct response copywriter, and you’re used to working remotely. You know that deadlines are not guidelines. You appreciate that our projects are team projects, so you’ll update the project management system and communicate with the rest of the team.

What will you do?

This is a full-time position for a direct response copywriter.

Understand a wide range of businesses

You’ll take a brief about a client and their ideal customers. You might not have worked with that kind of business before. You might never have used that kind of product before. What you have are the skills to ask the right questions to work out what makes the business and its customers tick. As a copywriter, you might need to understand our client’s business better than its owner.


You’ll use the internet to research a client’s ideal customers. You’ll find where they’re talking, whether it’s Facebook, Reddit, Amazon reviews forums or elsewhere. Then you’ll immerse yourself.

You’ll absorb what those potential customers are saying then break it down into themes. What do the clients want? What do they fear? Who is giving them advice? What are they getting right? What are they getting wrong?

Similarly, you’ll look at search engine data to understand the ideal client. You’ll look at what they’re searching for and draw inferences about what they want, what they fear and what they understand/misunderstand.

You’ll get to the bottom of:

  1. Why a customer would really buy our client’s product — no one buys a Mercedes just because they need a car.
  2. Why a customer might resist buying from our client — their objections.

You’ll look at the websites of our client’s competitors. You’ll be able to see what they’re doing well with their marketing, what they’re doing badly and where our client can stand out.

Report writing

You’ll write reports on what you find in your research. Some of these reports will go to the client.


You’ll take the research and apply it to writing a website or landing page. That won’t be a landing page full of crap about the client being “leading” or “passionate about customer service”. What you write will concentrate on hitting the points the research has told us matters to the ideal customer. The website or landing page you write will have one goal: to persuade that ideal customer to do what our client needs them to do. You’ll know how to use what you know about the customer — their inner wants — to counter their objections and unlock action.

If convincing someone to take action takes a 4,000-word landing page, you’ll write a 4,000-word landing page.

You’ll be judged on the numbers — does our writing get more conversions for the client.


Our writing tool is Scrivener. You might not have used it — we’ll teach you — and you’ll fall in love with it.

SEMrush is what we use to analyse searching engine information. We’ll teach you that, too.

We write in Markdown, a simple formatting language that ensures all our formatting is consistent whether we’re exporting our writing to Word or HTML. Again, we’ll teach you.

We use for project management tool; Zoom for video conferencing; Snagit for screen capture, and Harvest to track time.

Time zone

Ideally, you’ll work Sydney time, give or take an hour or so.