AWS Cloud Dev Ops in PH


Key responsibilities:

  • Work with Cloud infrastructure Engineer to automate infrastructure delivery.
  • Manage access to services in AWS with the use of groups, Assuming roles and ACL’s in a multi-account setup under an organization.
  • Build and deploy controls in AWS to prevent deployments outside of operating or agreed parameters, Tagging, VPC’s, roles and IAM.
  • Provide Support and query handling from development teams
  • Re-architect on-premise services to cloud where cost effective.
  • Monitoring and recommend security improvements in AWS.
  • Monitor Cloud Infrastructure to ensure performance and high availability.
  • Implement backup strategy for cloud infrastructure.
  • Documenting Infrastructure builds and deployments.
  • Operate using DevOps and Agile practices.
  • Ensure operating costs in the cloud are kept optimal. Systems run only when they need to.

Key relationships:

  • The position requires interaction with the development teams.
  • Maintain key vendor relationships

Job Requirements:


  • Tertiary qualifications in an IT-related discipline
  • Desired MCSE accreditation or equivalent knowledge

Skills & experience:

  • Minimum 3 years of paid employment in deploying AWS infrastructure using scripting languages, Python, PowerShell, Cloud Formation.
  • Good understanding of roles-based access in AWS.
  • Good understanding of Security in the cloud and best practices.
  • Experience in Key AWS services, EC2, Lambda, EBS, Glue, Cloud Formation.
  • Experience working with multiple platforms, Unix, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows.
  • Experience in re-architecture of On-Premise infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Experience working in a DevOps and agile environment.
  • Experience in virtual environments VMWare or Hyper-V.
  • Experience using Confluence and Jira.
  • Desirable experience in Networking, Subnets, VLAN’s and access lists.
  • Desired experience in databases (MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MYSQL).
  • Desired experience in Web Technology, (IIS, Apache, Load balancers)
  • Desirable experience using Bit bucket, CircleCi, Bamboo, Crowd.
  • Desirable experience in Azure.

Behavioural competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills to express needs to the organization
  • Good at analysing and able to think logically
  • Able to adapt to changes in technology
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Working collaboratively with teams to deliver outcomes.
  • Adopt Agile and DevOps practices