Quality Assurance Officer in PH

As a Quality Assurance Officer, you are responsible for reviewing medical information and ensuring that the information matches that of the request, this includes name and DOB. You are responsible for raising any potential privacy breaches. At times you may be required to contact a health provider to request additional information, particularly when a doctor hasn’t fully answered questions posed to them. Your medical background will ensure you know the doctors have answers that are relevant.


  • Accountable for reviewing clinical notes and Doctor reports
  • Contact health professionals when required regarding missing information
  • Identify privacy breaches and raise accordingly
  • Deliver a 5-star service to all internal and external stakeholders
  • Be a positive role model and active team member


  • Exceptional phone based customer service skills
  • Exceptional organisational, negotiation and time management skills
  • Strong EQ/social intelligence skills
  • PC savvy
  • Medical background
  • Exceptional written & verbal communication skills
  • Detail orientated