Legal Administration Clerk – J-1716

Our client leads a committed group of compensation lawyers and support staff in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), who treat a client as an individual person, not a file. They understand that a serious injury affects their clients and their families and has a significant impact on their health, finances and family life. This client work hard for their clients on a no win, no fee basis, giving them the peace of mind that they don’t need to worry about legal fees until their case is won.



Reporting to the Lawyers and Support Staff of the client, the File Opening Clerk plays a crucial part of onboarding a new client and integrating their information onto their I.T. system’s databases.  Specific instructions in the form of the client’s Action Sheet process is provided for ease of reference and precedent access.   Training in detail will be provided as well as an appointed “Buddy”.


There are 2 parts to file opening:

Part 1:    Upon the client’s approval to act on behalf of a client, a File Opening Clerk will open a new client file within 24-48 hours of their initial meeting.   They undertake opening a client file and binder index on the system, along with some initial correspondences as instructed in Part 1 of the Action Sheet.


Part 2:    This part of the Action Sheet provides a list of instructions to request supporting documents/evidence from government bodies, treating practitioners, hospitals etc. for clients’ claims.  Plus, various other correspondence and tasks will be selected (ticked) on the Action Sheet by the instructing lawyer and/or their assistant for completion.  All precedents referred to in the Action Sheet have corresponding codes for ease of reference and document creation.



With a focus on Part 2 of the file opening process, the below responsibilities are detailed, but not limited to:


  1. Regularly collect file opening instructions from their digital platforms.
  2. Where there may not be remaining weekend file activities or new files to open:
  • Part 1 – email the legal team promptly as a reminder to sign off any file opening Action Sheets; or
  • Part 2 – email your Buddy and/or their File Opening Clerks promptly as a reminder to transfer any file opening Action Sheet instructions ASAP;
  1. Follow the instructions of lawyers to maintain a high level of client service by carrying out all preliminary tasks on a new file opening Action Sheet Part 1 and/or Part 2;
  2. Carefully follow the instructions by completing every task indicated, including but not limited to creating binders, placing documents in binders and completing Binder Indexes, all in their FilePro database;
  3. Once a task is complete insert your initials, date and indicate time spent in the allocated spaces on the Action Sheet;
  4. Ensure you do not return any incomplete Action Sheets or sign off when a task has not been completed in full;
  5. Communicate any incomplete tasks or queries via email to the appointed “Buddy” or the legal assistant;
  6. Refer to your appointed “Buddy” if you are unsure of any instructions prior to submitting your completed work;
  7. Diarise any tasks to be followed up using Microsoft Outlook and Cc the relevant team;
  8. Proof read all material prior to presentation, ensuring grammar and punctuation is flawless and all necessary attachments are included;
  9. Where possible, where file opening is up to date, inform teams you have capacity to provide back-up administrative support in other areas of the law firm; and
  10. Perform all other administrative tasks and projects as assigned by the client and the support team.



  • Administration, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Data Entry experience highly desired



  • Advanced English proficiency (written and spoken)
  • Intermediate computer skills (Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, internet, access database)
  • High accuracy with data entry/typing.



  • High attention to detail, thorough, and self-motivated
  • Excellent Time Management
  • Friendly and positive attitude
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success.
  • Timeliness and quality of client service delivery.

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