Did you know that 80% of Australians now use social media on a daily basis? Yet only 47% of SMEs and 60% of large corporations manage to build an online presence are active on these platforms.

Does that mean Australian businesses are not paying enough attention to platforms where their customers are interacting?

On the contrary! Business owners and key decision makers are aware of these market spaces, but data shows a lot of Australian companies are still playing catch up and staying relevant. Australia is however struggling to fill the shortage of highly skilled career digital marketers. Approximately 10,600 digital marketers per year until 2023 if you want to get technical.

Despite the delayed uptake on fully deploying a full-function digital marketing team, only a few companies have looked into an integrated remote staffing as a feasible solution.

Newer digital marketing roles have quickly established themselves as a crucial component to the team over the years. We’ve come a long way in developing an efficient offshore digital marketing structure, setting the benchmark for the industry by providing a wide array of roles.

Below we break down some of the more established roles that you need to know to bring your business forwards.

Branding and General Marketing

Customers engage products and services based on how brands relate to them. Their emotional connection to the brand determines their spending habits. Two modern e-marketing roles – Social Media and Emails, are designed to leverage this.

Social Media Specialist

We dare say social media is today more important than BTL mediums such as Outdoor Advertising or Brand Activation (events) when it comes to connecting with customers. It’s a highly useful and relevant public sphere, connecting a brand to the people.

The challenge is to build your brand effectively. It’s asking the right questions and fitting it in with the company’s bigger strategies.

Email Marketer

Email marketing is not a new position, but the difference lies between your general ad campaigns and getting insightful, actionable, replicable data.

Beyond just scheduling EDMs, an Email Marketer analyses campaigns’ reports, read heat reports and suggest modifications to increase open rates, CTRs, conversions and minimise bounce rates. While some automation platforms like Mailchimp can do that for you, an experienced professional can take it to the next level.

Media Buying and Planning Goals

Many Australian businesses are witnessing a large chunk of their profit come through media buying and planning. Compared to traditional positions, offshoring these made-to-measure functions means having access to a wide range of talent, dedicated to unique roles like SEO Specialists, Lead Generation and eCommerce Managers.

SEO Specialist

SEO isn’t akin to the dark arts. It doesn’t make Google magically love you at first sight. SEO specialists audit, modify and optimise websites in terms of content, layout and backend coding. They understand where to apply best practices, what the end goals are, and why the craft is a build-up and not an overnight sensation.

An SEO Specialist needs to be versatile, adaptable and responsive, working towards making your site favourable. An in-house specialist is often preferred over contract consultants because understanding the product and/or service and its markets is an integral part of being a successful one.

Lead Generation

Similar to SEO specialists, lead generation (notoriously known as SEM, PPC, Google Ads etc.) is another online marketing goldmine. We see an encouraging increase in demand as companies realise the impact that it carries through. Through targeted ad campaigns and remarketing, lead generation brings your products and services in front of the right customers, at the right time. That means increasing opportunities to collect leads, conversions or even purchases. Offshoring eclipses shared services in lead generation because you would want the specialist to focus solely on your ad budget, continuously modify ads to reflect real-time bid fluctuations and increase ROI to the fullest.

The above four are the most sought-after offshoring positions in digital marketing. They’re proven roles that bring a lot of value to the table. You could also consider roles that are a bit more niche like eCommerce Managers, Research Analysts or Product Managers.

Should you need more in-depth consultation before getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us at ASW Global and let us empower your marketing team!

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