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How to Ensure Data Security When Offshoring

If there’s one thing that has been trending, the offshore business is one that has been with us for some time. Coupled with the Internet and modern-day living, we are now connected to a global network infrastructure – where it’s possible in carrying out your daily tasks and supporting processes to be migrated overseas. Everything is just faster and easier these days. Overall, reducing your operating costs in an effective manner.

However, as much advantages and benefits we have gathered when offshoring, business owners are wary of security breeching. Question is, how do we ensure data security is secure at its highest level when offshoring?

Basically, when you offshore roles or services, you’re entrusting your business database of sensitive information to a third-party provider at an offshore location. While we can’t deny the security-oriented fears that come with offshoring, most offshore service providers are often equipped with various security protocols and solutions to ensure your data is safe and protected at all times.

Reliable and trusted offshore providers realise how important it is operating with secured networks when sending or receiving data. Also, firewalls are installed on computers and servers as a means of defence against issues like malware and viruses from corrupting your data or system. For a high-level security, some providers even restrict the options to copy, print, or send data to avoid employees from misusing information that doesn’t belong to them.


1. The first step you can take when offshoring is to select a reputable and trusted offshore provider with appropriate security measures in place. In some rare cases, where data breaches do happen is because, companies fail to include data security when they evaluate their third-party providers. The most important thing that you can do is to discuss and ensure the level of data security of your business instead of focusing on costs, etc.

2. One concrete solution to ensure data security when offshoring is to have your offshore employees trained on policies and procedures pertaining data and confidentiality. They will need to possess this and asked to sign non-disclosure agreements when dealing with sensitive information that concerns your privacy and security.

3. You should always include important facets of your policy such as a data classification that is useful in distinguishing between sensitive and common data. Your policy should also clearly state your business standards and guidelines that are finalised and enforced by your stakeholders, managers, and employees of your company.

4. Regular conducts on application/database security audits and network security audits will help to ensure secure offshoring for your business. Reason being, audits can help to identify issues beforehand and potential problems with the applications, databases, and devices on your network. This can also prevent privilege abuse and chances of exploitation. Know your offshore provider well who practices these functionalities to provide you with better protection of your data.

With offshore service providers who enforce security regulations just like ASW Global, we ensure that our partners can have peace of mind, especially in relation to sensitive information. We believe that providing security is just as much of a product as the very data services you protect.

ASW Global strives for a strong partnership where trust and engagement is key for a committed business relationship. We provide fully qualified and experienced helpdesk teams across Vietnam, The Philippines, or Malaysia. Our commitment to establishing high standard, customer-focused and well-integrated solutions management model has allowed us to extend our offering to companies like yours that are looking at either starting their own helpdesk team or are looking at expanding their current one.

What sets us apart from the rest of the offshore providers out there is that, we are ISO27001 certified (an international organisation for standardisation) and thus, privacy and data security underscores our culture and values, as well as our policies and procedures.

We are one of the first Australian companies to gain ISO27001 Information Security Management System certification and we have held this certification for nearly a decade. This is subject to annual recertification and bi-annual certification audits by Lloyds. As a result, stringent systems, policies and procedures are strictly maintained.

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