Five Qualities to Look for in your Remote Employees

August 10 ,2020
Five Qualities to Look for in your Remote Employees

Businesses that are looking into having their own remote teams can sometimes feel like they’re wandering through uncharted territory. And while finding the right offshore provider is the first step in navigating this new opportunity, what happens next? If the plan is to build an empire, the first point of call is to hire a strong team leader.

ASW believes that a guided recruitment process is next in the agenda. We believe in the importance of hiring team leaders whose knowledge and skills go beyond what is required. Investing in a highly qualified leader will help you build and manage a team that drives productivity, efficiency, and will add value to your business in the long-term.

To help you begin this process, we list down five qualities that can help you identify your ideal offshore team leader and members for your business.

1. Aligned skills, knowledge and experience

This first requirement is a non-negotiable. Selecting the right people with the right technical skills, and reliable knowledge and experience is one way you can ensure that they will get the job done. These professionals will hit the ground running and save you time and resources with minimal training and management. They know the ins and outs of the industry, what tools are needed to streamline processes, and how to deliver high-quality, industry-standard work. Whilst it can be appealing to go the “green/graduate” option from a cost point of view, inevitably this cost will be eroded in training time. There’s a reason people pay for experience as it shortens the odds in achieving success.

2. Skilled in problem-solving

More than efficient doers, team members who are inherently problem-solvers will add more value to your business. Natural problem-solvers are critical thinkers who are not crippled by challenges; they try to find solutions to keep operations running smoothly. They ease you from the burden of micromanaging and making decisions so you can focus on the other facets of your business. They also offer valuable insights and push for innovations that aim to keep your company functioning at a global standard.

3. Communicative and transparent

Apart from having excellent English communication skills, remote team members who are not afraid to clarify tasks or ask questions have the initiative to get the job done. While there may be language or cultural barriers, their professionalism enables them to meet your business goals by openly communicating and by being transparent with any problems they encounter. This also builds rapport between your local and remote teams, bridging the gap between the different locations.

4. Adaptable to change

Offshore teams are naturally inclined to adapt to the many changes that occur within their respective industries. The global pandemic has highlighted the quick mobility of our staff to focus on our partners’ business continuity. Whether it’s a change in work locations, a change in technology, processes, or management, your remote staff must be agile enough to perform and thrive even in challenging times.

5. Motivated by more than just work

Choose to hire remote team who are driven not just by salary, but also by their professional and personal ambitions. If their career goals coincide with your business goals, they will always work hard to achieve things for your company. People who have a bigger and more mature view of what are needed to succeed will always strive to achieve them and add value in the long run.

At ASW, we’ve built our business on improving yours. We believe recruitment is critical in building a strong foundation for your remote team. As such, we are mindful of the distinct professional and personal characteristics you are looking for and work towards matching you with the right people. Get remote staffing to work for you and provide that added value to your business.

Are you looking into setting up your own remote team to support your business? ASW has the expertise to help you establish your team in Vietnam, Malaysia or the Philippines. Talk to us to get started on this special venture today.