Five Ways ASW Engaged Employees during the Pandemic

October 19 ,2020
Five Ways ASW Engaged Employees during the Pandemic

It seems like so much has happened in the span of seven months since the pandemic started. A lot of businesses were forced to shut down and everyone else had to pivot to survive. ASW is one of the fortunate ones – we have managed to thrive during these tough economic times, and most of all, we have maintained 100% employment to this day.

To thank our valued employees for their contribution to our success, we’ve created – and continue to create – different ways to engage our staff. Here are five ways ASW engaged employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Constant communications

As most of our staff are now working from home, we’re missing out on the personal interactions that enable productivity and build strong professional relationships with each other. To make interactions more possible, we use the different tools at our disposal – Zoom, Slack, Skype, Teams, and email – so we don’t miss a beat.

2. Fitness programs and tournaments

For many of us, being stuck at home means getting less exercise. And since we strive for normalcy where we can, we’ve had a couple of virtual fitness programs such as yoga and a full-body HIIT workout. For our staff in Vietnam who are back in the office, they’ve had a tournament involving different sports such as badminton, bowling, football and darts. Of course, we didn’t forget about our mobile gamers who participated in our online Mobile Legends Tournament.

3. Mental health checks

Much as we value physical fitness, we hold mental health in the same regard. It is easy to get anxious during these times, so we’ve held webinars on meditation and yoga in the past few months to strengthen our mental being. Through these webinars we have created a safe space for sharing, so we can be more mindful of our mental state and support each other as best as we can.

4. Virtual lessons

The pandemic is no reason to put a pause on further personal learning and development. We’ve head different virtual lessons in the past months on topics like positive assertion, improving communication styles, setting objectives and providing feedback, and business correspondence.

5. Social media sharing

We also launched a social media campaign called “ASW WFH 101: How to stay healthy and productive”. We asked our staff to share their photos on how they maintain productivity while enjoying being at home and keeping healthy and safe. Staff who joined the campaign used the hashtags #StayStrong #StayProductive, and it has been a delight seeing ASW staff focus on the positives of the new work from home arrangement.

ASW has been privileged to be able to have these programs and initiatives at this time, and we’re working on more events to keep all our staff engaged, physically strong, and mentally healthy.