What if you could access incredible offshore talent without setting up international entities, visa sponsorship and avoid outsourcing tasks to a third party? What if you could simply build a trusted and dedicated team…your team. Without the hassle and complications of HR, payroll, office space and legal matters but with all the compliance and governance you have locally.

Interested? Read on to know more

Established in 2011, ASW is a leading premium offshore staffing provider located in Sydney, Australia with offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, and The Philippines. We have been fortunate to support almost 100 businesses from the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand to build dedicated teams offshore with a proven four-step process that delivers success.

Step 1: Discovery & Strategy

Scaling your business and leveraging onshore capability begins with a detailed discovery call to understand your business needs and goals.

Each business is unique. Going the offshore route can involve numerous changes onshore. It’s essential to understand the short and long-term objectives and company structure to best identify how offshoring might be able to benefit your organisation. We are experienced in change management, particularly for larger enterprises that require nuanced handling of the different cultural changes and transitions in duties and responsibilities.

Afterwards, our team will have a clear insight to your business, the required roles, the culture, and how your future staff and which offshore locations will complement your current team.

Once this clear road map has been established, ASW will assist in finding highly capable candidates with the desired qualifications and communication skills to fulfil full-time roles within your business.

We achieve this via sourcing from a diverse talent pool within Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia. Each location differs, and this provides an opportunity for businesses to access a broad range of talent pools within one provider to improve business continuity and reduce risk.

Step 2: Talent Sourcing & Recruitment

Spearheaded by our Talent Acquisition Team, we undertake a detailed recruitment briefing. We unpack your current interview process, skills testing, behaviour profiling, and hiring approach as this will provide our Recruitment Specialists with the armoury required to identify the perfect candidates to join your team.

There is enormous value in getting it right the first time. Whilst ASW will coordinate all stages, it’s important you feel involved in the hiring process from interview to offer, thus we consider this step a joint endeavour.

Your involvement in the process is key to building your ideal offshore team. By fully engaging in the hiring process, you’re able to handpick candidates who fit your specific qualifications and preferences, and most importantly, your team culture.

Whilst staff are legally employed by ASW, they are considered as dedicated full-time staff of your company only – an extension of your onshore team.

Step 3: Integration

Once you have approved the ideal candidates, ASW will finalise the employment paperwork, legal obligations, and begin setting up workstation requirements. This process is led by our Account Management team who will ensure your new staff have all the required IT hardware, software, and communication tools available to effectively deliver their role seamlessly.

Your Account Manager supports you as an initial point of contact in relation to IT, HR, finance, facilities, staff queries or performance-related matters whilst also providing monthly reporting.

In consultation, we ensure that our partners’ Data Security requests are fulfilled and that the new staff members acknowledge client confidentiality ahead of their first day.

Whilst implementing the IT requirements, we will induct your dedicated staff via our onboarding team to welcome them to the ASW family and assure each team member that they will be fully supported moving forward.

An integral part of the onboarding process is the new team member’s induction to your business and their specific role and function in the organisational structure. This also includes introducing the new staff member to your company policies, procedures, the culture, and the team members they’ll be working with.

Working closely with our partners with the use of our online assessment portal, we set up scheduled performance check points and support our partners in setting clear KPIs and transparent goal setting for professional growth.

Step 4: Retention & Optimisation

Whilst finding great talent is imperative, keeping that talent is equally as important. Developing people is key to long term and sustainable business success.

The ASW Account Management team remains in close contact throughout the journey, partnering with our clients for salary and performance reviews and identifying opportunities for continual improvement via a two-way feedback report.

This approach provides onshore stakeholders the visibility and access to ongoing progress reports to ensure that all are satisfied.

As your new staff becomes more well-adjusted to their roles, ASW also offers a range of complimentary courses to promote staff engagement and personal growth. This includes HiPo (High Potential) Leadership, Toast Masters, team-building activities, English improvement sessions, and various soft skills to name a few.

This is coupled with ASW’s annual gala events and company trips that provide staff opportunities to connect with their fellow ASW colleagues.