How to choose a trusted offshoring service provider for your next financial year

As companies look for leaner and smarter strategies to scale, offshoring has become the new normal for Australian businesses of all sizes and industries. Among the various decisions, selecting an Offshore service provider is the first and most important step in determining whether your extended team is a hit or miss.

With the new financial year approaching and ambitious business goals to meet, let’s check out these four important factors to ensure you choose a trusted service provider and make offshoring a success from day one.

An Australian presence and direct support

Offshoring means investment and operating in unfamiliar destinations with different cultural traits, labour laws, governments and business environments. Therefore, you should prioritise service providers with an Australian presence and dedicated onsite support. Combining Australian business culture and thorough understandings of the destination country, these relationships are crucial to navigate you from the initial setup, recruitment to the transition in delivering the functional work requirements.

Moreover, partnering with an Australian offshoring service provider is beneficial in the long run. Direct communication, timely support and high-level meetup are highly appreciated, especially for macro strategies like risk management, team expansion or during busy season like the upcoming end of financial year.

Their ability to customise solutions to your business demand

These days, many offshoring service providers try to offer fixed models in exchange for committed business outcomes. Obviously this doesn’t make sense judging that each company and industry would have very specific and unique requirements. A prestigious partner should be comfortable to design and customise their packages to meeting your business demands and bring optimal results, whether it is virtual captive, joint venture or build-operate-transfer.

In case you discuss a customised offshoring model, don’t forget to check if the provider has clear pricing and proposals for these additional options. We understand that overheads and cost savings are vital, yet you should be cautious towards yes-sayers with no extra charges because hidden costs are likely to pop up down the road. Trusted offshoring service providers tend to have in-depth consultation before the agreement is reached.

Certificates and experience do count in offshoring

Your trusted provider should be able to demostrate success in your industry, willing to share their portfolio and provide client referrals.

Certificates and qualifications are another vital component, especially when your business is relevant to data security and devised work protocols. Having acquired certification allows the offshoring service provider to maintain optimal infrastructure and security systems, both onsite and virtually. Thanks to qualified personnel and established procedures, they will also be quick and supportive in dealing with any troubles and minimise threats your business may face.

Choose the team with strong staff management skills and strategies

Last but not least, staff management strategies are what set trusted offshoring service providers apart from the rest. In the end, you don’t want to deal with slow recruitment process, hiring staff with unsuitable skills or low employee retention rate – all of which drag your offshoring plan down. Upon approaching a service provider, enquire into their recruitment plan, employee retention strategies and staff rewards. These will include an experienced recruitment team, various in-house training sessions, team building activities, a well-established C&B system, clear planning to familiarise offshore staff with your organisational culture…and most importantly, the flexibility for your own involvement in any step as necessary.

The most popular model now is letting the provider’s HR department to be in charge of offshore staff C&B issues in each destination country while a dedicated account manager and the Australian management team will keep your company constantly updated.

Since 2011, ASW Global has continuously helped Australian companies recruit and build their talented offshore teams across Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. With a proven blueprint for success plus over 750 employees internationally and various qualifications in the industry, we are ready to be your trusted offshoring service provider in the next financial year. Contact us today and let our experienced management team offer you in-depth consultation right from the first step.

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