How to Ensure Optimum Work Output from an Offshore Team

January 11 ,2023

A concern among companies that are still on the fence regarding offshoring is whether the remote team’s work output can meet their expected standards. There is a prevalent misconception that the manager will have less control over an offshore team, thus compromising the quality of their work and causing negative consequences to the business.

On the contrary, an offshore global team – assembled by the right offshore service provider – is more than capable to produce outcomes that can even exceed your expectations. Here are valuable insights from the experiences of four business leaders on how to ensure optimum levels of work output with an offshore team.

Steve Grace, The Nudge Group - AS White Global

The cost of offshoring and how it will affect your bottom line will always be an undeniable concern. But more importantly, investing in the best talent at the right time will provide benefits beyond cost efficiency. Companies are prioritising how to provide high-quality services for their customers as this will translate to better business outcomes.

To do that, it is crucial for companies to recruit, hire, and keep the right talent – one who is experienced and highly qualified for the role. Expanding your options to consider offshoring staff solutions will enable you to find the best talent on a global level and leverage onshore capability.

Given the scalable nature of offshore teams, you can work this to your advantage with the right talent. As Steve noted, “Make sure that you move the people on at the right time. A lot of our clients move from start-up to scale-up. You’re going for an environment where you need people who can handle ambiguity and do anything to an environment where people need to be very specific and driven by outcomes. You need to get it right or it will seriously impact your growth.

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Steve Blend, Unity Fund Services - AS White Global

How you typically train new employees and immerse them in your company culture should be no different with an offshore team. They are just as much a part of your whole team culture, even if they are based overseas. Taking the time to communicate with the offshore team strengthens the connection, encourages engagement, and instils consistency in providing quality service to your customers.

We talk to the team on a daily basis,” remarked Steve, “The more you talk to them, the better results you’re going to get from them, and the better they’re going to blend into your culture and the way you operate.

An offshore service provider should conduct a thorough onboarding process, a key step to the offshore team’s seamless integration into your company structure. They should guide you and your new talents in navigating various processes, company culture, and other matters that will support them as they perform their tasks in accordance to your standards.

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Luke Eagle, Aviso All Points - AS White Global

Sharing and applying your organisation’s standards of success to the offshore team is essential to help them achieve their goals and elevate their performance level. Be clear with your expectations, inform them about the results of attaining their goals, and what will be its impact to their career development and to the business.

From Luke’s experience, it’s important to “understand how you’re going to manage that person, the performance, the onboarding, the workload. What are the KPIs you’ve got in place to track their performance?

Providing regular feedback to your offshore team gives them an opportunity to improve. Before you give your feedback, allow your offshore staff to “self-evaluate” after working on a project. Not only will this help them realise where they need to reform but this will also give you additional insight on areas that were not considered before. This can also play an integral role in developing strategies to provide better services.

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World-class talent from premium offshore services in Australia

Other outsourcing companies are usually focussed on cost savings. AS White Global gives more value to finding the best candidate who can work at high performance levels to match your exacting standards. As an offshore staff solutions provider, we support businesses in Australia, New Zealand, US, and the UK by building dedicated offshore teams from Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Daniel Breese, ASW General Manager for Growth, shares these best practices on how your company can further grow with consistent, high-quality work output from an offshore team:

Daniel Breese, General Manager of AS White Global

Hiring senior staff to start your offshore team will give you a big jumpstart in growing your business. They can take the lead in building your offshore team and boost its scalability by up to nine times.

Hire remote teams in a single office. The productivity, infrastructure, and work culture that the office environment brings is very hard to match. At the same time, getting the balance right is more difficult than ever. Work with staff to set realistic expectations and empower staff to drive team culture on your behalf.

Take time to train people. Offshoring is not for businesses who don’t have the time to provide that training and support to get long-term success. Investing in thorough training ensures staff have the skills and capabilities to deliver on the expectations required.

Invest in good talent. Consider this as one of the best investments that will bring great value to your business growth. By focussing not just salary cost savings but on capability, there is a much bigger opportunity available.

Keep employees satisfied. Keeping an offshore employee is just as hard as finding one. Companies should make sure that their remote team’s welfare is well taken care of. Provide career development plans and an insight of the individual growth potential within each of the team members.

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