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A Distinct Difference

ASW delivers integrated, end-to-end distributed staffing solutions that are fit-to-purpose for each individual company. Processes, tools, and software are adapted around your set-up to ensure smooth operations, flawless communications and rapid uptake of the new tasks.

We’ve built our business on improving yours, delivering highly qualified and reliable international talent – chosen specifically to meet your unique business objectives. We’ll work with you to ensure your new team meets expectations so you can direct your focus on the business while we handle all the other HR and administrative duties.

Partnering with us helps you scale your business and meet your goals by facilitating you with the infrastructure and solutions needed, including:

  • Access to a highly qualified market of readily available professionals in South East Asia.
  • Autonomy over recruitment and operations.
  • Deployed people management functions, so you can fully focus on your business.
  • Personalised setup and tech support to ensure seamless communications.
  • ISO 27001 Data Security Certified.

Accounting & Finance

ASW attracts highly qualified, highly capable, certified finance and accounting specialists.


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Construction & Engineering

Strengthen your construction and engineering projects by collaborating with your own remote team.


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Creative & Marketing

Build your world-class digital marketing team to deliver your creative and marketing goals.


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Health Care

Deliver efficiencies in patient care through your dedicated remote team of experienced medical professionals.


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Insurance Services

Building your own dedicated remote team of insurance processing professionals.


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IT & Software

Build your ideal IT infrastructure or Software team that will enable you to deliver your solutions and services.


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Legal Services

ASW’s legal services are designed to offer you a wide range of legal solutions.


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Sales & Administration

ASW’s sales and administration services will increase productivity and efficiency.


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Transport & Logistics

ASW empowers your business by providing your custom remote team who can plan, oversee and manage the process.


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