Is Now the Time to Ride the Wave of Offshore Digital Marketing?

February 17 ,2023
Digital Marketing trends, AS White Global

Traditionally, offshoring has been synonymous with IT and accounting capability. However, digital marketing is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in the market. Not surprisingly, most companies have some form of digital presence. Be it their website, ecommerce, Google/PPC ads, or social media. Given the stats below, coupled with collaborative tools such as, Trello, and Zoom, it’s no wonder many brands are investigating offshore capability for their digital marketing requirements.

Internet Users Statistics, AS White Global

In the ever-evolving digital marketplace, it can be challenging for business leaders to keep up without the support of digital marketing specialists. If your business lacks the physical assets and resources necessary to employ in-house digital marketing staff, offshoring may be a more viable solution for you.

Offshore digital marketing services – from copywriting and graphic design to SEO, campaign management, market analysis, and web development – can provide companies access to a wider range of high-calibre talent and tools in this field. Here are some significant digital marketing trends that can affect your business and how offshoring staffing solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI plays a huge role in providing accurate insights to help business leaders make informed decisions on how to connect with their consumers. Algorithms can track the user’s interaction with your brand’s online presence. This will help determine how you build your digital marketing strategies for a better customer experience. Automating processes in the digital marketing campaign will also make it more efficient. AI has been making strides in creating original digital designs and even generating copy. There is still much to be explored in this field, with ongoing discussions and innovations to harness its capabilities.

Offshore digital agencies have their finger on the pulse for this evolving trend and can provide efficient solutions to optimise your marketing strategies using available AI platforms. Vietnam, for example, is among the countries where an offshore service provider can assemble a remote digital marketing team for you. According to a 2022 Government AI Readiness Index, Vietnam ranks 55th globally with an average score of 53.96, higher than the global average (44.61). This is a strong indication of Vietnam’s AI capabilities and how this can be integrated to your digital marketing.

2. Stronger focus on content marketing

In a 2021 Semrush report, 97% of business leaders and marketing specialists believe that content marketing is the most important strategy in their overall marketing plan. From social posts to blogs to videos, targeted content marketing will continue to lead the way in increasing brand awareness and audience engagement.

Having offshore digital marketing services at your disposal allows you to focus more on your high-level duties to the business whilst they focus on content strategy, development, and design. You can leverage on global talent and expertise if you’re experiencing limitations with onshore resources in this field.

3. Video is the way to go

Speaking of content, posting videos plays a significant role in your digital campaign. According to Forbes, videos generate higher engagement with audiences (1,200% more) versus photo posts on social media platforms. Viewers also retain 95% of your message via video whilst only 10% is retained via text.

In recent years, TikTok has become a formidable platform for video content. It has reached the one billion mark for monthly active users and eight new users sign up EVERY SECOND. TikTok for Business has opened up opportunities for companies to deepen their engagement with their target market with relevant video content so expect a bigger boost in that field.

An offshore digital marketing team can plan, produce and strategically post videos for your brand. If you want to provide information to your audience, a digital agency can make complex ideas clear and simple in video format. Better still, they can make it go viral!

4. Connect with influencers

A video of a financially strapped, family-owned restaurant in the US caught the attention of an influencer. His video expressing glowing reviews of their food and customer service went viral among his followers who shared it on their own social media platforms. The result: a long line of customers and food delivery orders that helped the restaurant to bounce back from the red.

Influencers are here to stay. A report by Oberlo noted that 93% of marketing specialists have included influencers as part of their campaign strategy. Even micro-influencers are also being considered because their followers, though fewer, tend to engage more and will most likely take action.

digital marketing trends, AS White Global

5. Optimise your omnichannels

Omnichannel marketing is essential to widen your connection with your audience. Go where they go. Be active on social media and be consistent with your messages across the platforms. For B2Bs, LinkedIn provides the tools you need to grow your business aside from simply making connections. Explore the advantages of using Google PPC ads and EDMs to generate leads and convert them to customers.

More importantly, make sure you optimise your content on these platforms for a more meaningful engagement. You want to rank high in search results when users are looking for particular products or services that you’re offering. Optimising your brand online will boost your chances of being their top-of-mind choice.

An offshore service provider can find the best talent for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. SEO specialists do more than just recommend the best keywords for your content. An SEO specialist based in the Philippines, for example, can give you detailed and accurate reports on the performance of your omnichannels. They can also share insights and make recommendations based on the metrics gathered. This will help you make data-driven decisions on whether you need to pivot your digital marketing efforts.

Future-proof your digital marketing with offshore staffing solutions

Cleanaway, an Australian waste management company, was able to rapidly build a full-service digital marketing team through the offshore service provider AS White Global. As Cleanaway puts it, “It is now a vital part of our business and delivers exceptional results.

What sets ASW apart from other offshoring companies? Our CEO Joe Fussell said it best: “We attract and, very importantly, retain high-quality, well-educated and experienced talent for any professional role in a company.” While other outsourcing companies are all about savings, ASW makes it a priority to connect the international business community with the best talent beyond their shores. Our track record with our client partnerships speaks for itself as we’ve established successful offshore teams in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines for businesses in Australia, NZ, US, and the UK.

Contact us to book a free consultation on how you can gain a competitive edge with an offshore digital marketing team. You can also get in touch with SOY: a digital marketing agency managed by ASW.


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