LEAD Webinar Series: Connecting CEOs to our Team Leaders

August 07 ,2022
ASW Lead Webinar Series Mark Coyne

Lead by example.

This timeless adage holds true with our ongoing LEAD Webinar Series. As part of our Leadership Development program, we have invited the company leaders of our client partnerships to share their insights and real-life examples with our current and upcoming leaders.

The series kicked off with its first speaker Mark Coyne, Executive Director of the EML Group, and was attended by more than a hundred of ASW Global’s existing and emerging leaders.

Focussing on the topic “Leadership Communications”, Mark related his own experiences on the importance of communication in his leadership role – not only in the insurance industry but also in sports during his successful career as a professional Rugby League player.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Mark for conducting this enriching training exercise and we look forward to seeing our own leaders put his learnings into practice. We are excited to meet more of Australia’s business leaders in the next webinar training session soon!