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Top Factors That Make the Philippines a Great Place to Offshore

There are many reasons why the Philippines is an excellent location to consider offshoring some of your business processes. This area has become a trusted place for many of the largest Australian companies to offshore their business. Also, we provide an insight to some etiquettes in the Philippines – helping you to start your investment right in this dynamic offshoring destination.


This is the main tip to ideally establish business connections and appointments in the Philippines. It’ll help you to speed up the process and build trust towards your Filipino counterparts. It’s also advisable that you make arrangements in advance and call them to confirm your appointment again a few days prior to the meeting.


Our teams in the Philippines are some of the best because they are highly experienced labourers in their chosen fields. With many English-speaking professionals across the country, working in the Philippines could be as effective as working with any other local contractor. There is an astoundingly high level of English in the country, but most importantly English skills are a very highly regarded factor within our hiring process.


One of the biggest challenges of offshoring is dealing with local governments but with increased customer support for offshoring, this type of labour has become one of the country’s largest sources of revenue. The democratic government is stable and extremely business friendly meaning that, you can set up a line of supply or a new job easily.


To express your respect in the first few meetings, always greet your counterparts by their surnames and titles (e.g. Director Victor or Secretary Elena) until familiarity has been established between two parties. The standard greeting in the Philippines is firm handshakes and exchanging business cards. If you are the visitor, you should offer your business card first and use both hands when presenting or receiving business cards.


The Philippines is easy to get to as a strategic location thanks to its close proximity to Australia and its international airport. A geographically diverse group of talented people work in this area and it can be a fantastic place for holding conferences and more.


With quality technology and security, all of your IT needs will be professionally managed. Full international security systems, IT communications, and emergency generators are available at many of the world’s top tech firms. These are the same kind of safety mechanisms you might find from a major IT firm working in our offshore teams.


The Philippines is a culture that is very well versed in offshoring and outsourcing. As a result, you can not only offshore many labour actions but it’s also possible to offshore some of your project management as well.


This custom is considered a private affair in the Philippines and gift package does matter in establishing your partnership. A beautifully wrapped gift will show the amount of thought and time you have put in the gesture and that is meaningful to Filipino businesses. Books, electronic gadgets, and items unique to your country are among the most popular and suitable business gifts.

If you would like to learn more on the factors that make the Philippines a great location to offshore or simply wish to understand more of its business culture, ASW Global team will be glad to share our experience and can help you build your ideal offshore team in this country.

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