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How The Retail Industry Can Benefit From Offshoring

The best season isn’t summer, it’s shopping! Retails – more excitement, entertainment, and fun! That’s what the retail industry is all about. Every second, customers are purchasing goods and services all over the globe across multiple channels.

But these days, retail isn’t about having to set up a physical store. The retail industry is doing enormously well with snowballing of entrepreneurs building creative online businesses from the comfort of their homes is simply fascinating. This is where personalised shopping experience is created at the present. The retail industry is a versatile one as retail companies have continued to offshore roles throughout the years which allowed positive expansion within the market.

The next question brings to our attention. Why is offshoring trending in the retail field?

It’s true that, while economy may have taken a downturn to most businesses in 2017, what retailers are able to do is to refocus their priorities on saving costs and realigning their margins.


Things took a turn when Walmart company who once shunned the idea of offshoring was proven to potentially yield over 30% savings in terms of Human Resources, procurement, IT, and payroll, just to name a few. Offshoring these roles practically help retailers to balance out their cost base. Read more on Beyond Offshoring: Access Your Company’s Global Potential.

Offshoring comes in the picture by helping retail business to transform assets that can be used to smoothen out the huge investment costs in terms of web development, IT programmes, design, and marketing.

It’s no doubt that, companies struggle daily to keep up with customer’s needs as change is constant. Customers experience rapid changes in tastes and their lifestyle which is what keeps the retail business happening.

The benefits of offshoring allow retailers to place more importance on customers’ needs, increasing the demand between customer and management software provider for collaboration across all channels.

Often enough the retail market is faced with pressures such as headcount and development budgets, pacing the way for retailers to rely on IT in terms of development and support solutions by offshore IT providers.

Example of this case took place in 2009 when Marks & Spencer awarded Fujitsu Services a 7-year IT contract to provide IT support services, including in-store IT support for their stores. This has earned them success in the long haul.

More retailers as well as other companies of different industries are seeing the significance of having the right IT systems in place for better support when it comes to strategizing costs and optimising their company’s quality performance.

While the retail industry is going very strong and at a rapid rate as things are always changing to adapt to the current trend, effectiveness of every aspect must be achieved. More retail companies are opting to offshore roles such as email marketing, social media management, customer support, and in other tasks that are able to help them maximise their productivity in business.

The good news is that, our team at ASW can help to establish and strengthen your brand through excellent customer experience by building your own high performing global team through our offshore staffing solutions relevant to the retail industry.

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