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A Simple Way to Measure the Success of Offshore Managed Solutions

Often, we hear the phrase “offshore managed solutions” but we don’t exactly know what it is or how it can work for our business.

In this case, offshore managed solutions simply mean recruiting a team who will be responsible for managing, monitoring, and incident response for all your IT systems and its functions.

Ask any business owners, they will tell you that it’s extremely challenging to manage their operations for network ranging from applications, servers, databases, and workstations. Generally, companies will not opt for this option to hire an internal team for every bit of technical task for their organisation needs.

As we all know, offshoring continues to be a growing trend. Coupled with the help of technology, plenty of services are getting transferred to global service centres – one where advanced utilisation of shared services is currently being practised for cost efficiency. And, that’s what will change in the coming years.


So, how can we tell if offshore managed solutions are going to benefit us? A simple way to measure this success is by defining the responsibilities between the solutions provider and your company by confirming important things such as communication procedures to avoid any misleading or misunderstanding in the job later on. This step is highly significant to ensure success as you will need to invest your time in trust and teamwork with your solutions provider.

Next, is to really understand the state of your business environment – questions like do you really need an upgrade? Will offshore managed solutions help to simplify things for your organisation? These questions can have a profound effect in hiring a team providing offshore managed solutions for your company.

Undeniably, there are plenty of benefits for your company to engage with a solutions provider offering offshore managed solutions, you get to save more cost which is relatively better as well as improve overall productivity by focusing on what you do best – excel in your business by growing your offshore team while your solutions provider can assist in finding the best possible solution to integrate your IT systems and its functions effectively.

Here at ASW, our team delivers a robust, customised offshore managed solutions to achieve your business objectives across your company’s operations. We help you offload work and stay efficient.


ASW hires a team of IT qualified professionals with years of industry experience including certification from tool vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Alcatel, and VMware. To date, we have established Managed Solution teams across New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria for our partners. Managed Solutions allows you to offload IT operations to your ASW team.

By doing so, your team will be responsible for monitoring, managing, and problem solving the process for your IT systems and functions. This will provide you with more time for other business tasks and allows you to be in better control of the tasks you would like to outsource as well as to compete at a global level.

Contact us today to learn how ASW Managed Solution teams can provide a range of solutions to you in these fields: Virtual desktop hosting via an internet connection, mobile solutions, server hosting, email hosting, web hosting, spam and virus protection, storage systems, data backup, security, management of web hosting, disaster recovery, and help desk support.

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