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How Site Visits Help Your Offshoring Decision

Having recently considered offshoring possibilities, you are probably overwhelmed with sales pitch and presentations. However, how could you pick out the trustworthy, dedicated service provider among those similar offers and proposals? Fortunately, the answer lies in a really simple and practical option: site visits to experience offshoring of your own accord.


You will instantly know if the provider lives up to the proposal by looking at how well-established their offices are in destination countries. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • which countries does the provider offer offices and could you connect teams across destinations?
  • is the office based in strategic locations like city centre, commercial hub etc.?
  • is the office equipped with security features, both physically and virtually?
  • how modern, scientifically arranged and comfortable is the office?

More importantly, you have to enquire how the provider facilitates your offshore teams’ development. That is because many corporations start their offshoring on a small scale and subsequently grow the teams as the business demands and needs extra facilities like more seats and cloud-based platforms.


It is advised to visit the offshore provider’s offices, talk to current offshore staff and perhaps interview some potential candidates. Thanks to this experience, you can rest assured that the provider is capable of recruiting suitable talent based on your specific requirements. Furthermore, you now have clues to decide which destination is the best location for building and nurturing your offshore teams.


It is true that there are many different offshoring models and site visits will help you clarify these options more thoroughly. Upon visiting the provider’s offices, you will be guided through the whole process from initial set up to full transition and operation with examples from current client teams. This is also the best time to learn from other companies’ experiences: which model suits you best, how a day in your offshoring journey will look like, what the hitches are and how they overcome it.


Finally, site visits are not limited to the provider’s offices only. Many providers are willing to offer clients a tour in the destination country so that you can understand the social, political and cultural background of your future team. In fact, this factor is extremely important to guarantee that you have a smooth transition and fully exploit the advantages of offshoring practices. Breaking down any cultural and social barriers from day 1 will save you a lot of time and ensure collaboration across all local and offshore teams; while choosing politically stable destinations are key in developing your long-term offshoring strategies.

Having understood these benefits, ASW Global always encourages our clients to contact us and arrange visit to our cutting-edge offices in Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam – all of which have direct flights from Australia. We have Australian executives in each destination to guide you through the whole offshoring journey and to help you fully understand aspects in building your talented teams in the Southeast Asia.

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