Employee Case Studies

Tam Tieu: Leading the Way in Delivering Quality Outcomes

January 11 ,2024
AS White Global Vietnam Tam Tieu

It says a lot when you’ve been chosen to form and lead a team for challenging projects. That’s Tam Tieu for you. With hard work and determination, he continues to shine in his role as Operations Manager in Vietnam for iPartners, one of ASW’s client partners. Find out what motivates Tam at work, how he practises work-life balance, and what he wants people to know about Vietnam.

1. Hi! Please introduce yourself. What is your role and your responsibilities at ASW?

I am currently working as an Operations Manager for iPartners, which is a client of ASW. As the manager of the team in Vietnam, I need to guide, advise, and ensure members in the team will deliver the best outcomes and service to iPartners’ clients.

2. Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you ended up in your current role?

I joined ASW in December 2018 and worked for a wealth management firm as a Finance & Operations Officer. I then became a Senior Operations Officer after 3 years working for that ASW client. In September 2022, my old client launched a partnership with iPartners, which is one of the leading Alternatives Investment Platforms in Australia, so I transitioned to iPartners to support the project. With the support of both ASW and iPartners, I built a team of 5 people delivering services to iPartners’ clients. iPartners recognised my contribution and effort, and I was promoted to Operations Manager in July 2023.

AS White Global Vietnam Tam Tieu 2

3. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about?

My hobbies are playing badminton and swimming. However, I spend most of my time with my family. I always take my daughter to practice in-line skating in the evening. During weekends, I usually take my wife and daughter to the Kid café so that my daughter can enjoy playing and my wife can enjoy coffee.

4. What motivates you to come to work every day?

Friendly working environment and great colleagues motivate me a lot.

5. How do you practise work-life balance?

In order to achieve work-life balance, I always schedule ahead what needs to be done in a day. Hence, I really focus on completing the tasks in the working hours so that I can have time for life and family in that day.

AS White Global Vietnam Tam Tieu 3

6. Can you describe a challenging situation you faced at work and how you overcame it?

Communicating with a different team and focusing on a different scope is one of the challenges I have experienced recently. In order to help the other team understand clearly what I need to design a function or fix a problem, I put myself in their position to understand if my email is clear enough or if I have provided all information in the meeting. This has helped me to improve my communication skills so that I can better communicate with different teams.

7. Can you share a project or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of?

Building a team in Vietnam to deliver quality outcomes and service for iPartners is what I am proud of.

AS White Global Vietnam Tam Tieu 4

8. You were recently recognised by our client iPartners for your contributions. Can you tell us more about it?

When I first came to iPartners, I did not expect that I would be promoted this far. What I focused on was trying my best to contribute as much as I could. Therefore, when I heard the news, I was very happy because my contributions and efforts were recognised by iPartners. That recognition motivates me a lot, so that’s why I keep working hard to contribute my best.

9. You’re one of ASW’s 5-year service awardees. Congratulations! What lessons have you learned in your career journey with ASW?

My career journey with ASW has been 5 years already, so I would like to thank ASW for all the support throughout this journey. As what I’ve experienced, all my efforts and contributions are well-recognised by ASW.

AS White Global Vietnam Tam Tieu 5

10. What would you like people to know about where you’re from (Vietnam)?

Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of talents in all industries. Vietnam is also a friendly country with great people. I am proud to be Vietnamese.

11. What advice/inspiring words would you like to share with your colleagues at ASW?

To all my colleagues at ASW, believe in yourself and trust your capabilities. The more you believe in yourself, the faster you’ll reach your goals.