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The BPO Perks of a Mix Rich Malaysia

‘Muhibah’ is a Malay word which, in its simplest context, refers to kinship between ethnicity. It’s a heavily practiced value amongst the Malaysians, and has been at the bedrock of the country’s continuous development.

Hitting a population of 32.6 million towards the end of 2018, Malaysia has matured as a multifaceted society where cultural respect and tolerance are highly valued. Because of this, they’ve managed to create a sweet spot in the world for themselves through strong urban infrastructures and a generally modern environment. Their economy is one of the most competitive in Asia, consistently ranking in the top 10 and faring better than countries in the region.

Malaysia has always been a melting pot of cultures due to its rich mix of influences from its colonial era remnants, rapid urban development, and economical and industrial growth. For all its muhibah-ness – the rich mix of ethnicity, religions and historical influences are most vividly displayed through the nation’s lively and animated culture.

Cultural Wellness in Malaysia

The Malaysian identity is a beautiful cocktail of the varied cultures that call the country home. Malays, Chinese, and Indians are the three primary races that make up the dominating population, making up a colourful and springy society. This harmonious co-existence brought to fruition an array of festivals, cuisines, and architecture that has helped put Malaysia on the map early on.

People Personality

Malaysians are friendly, speak English well, and are typically quick to adapt to new trends, be it fashion, entertainment or tech. Paired together with a nice tropical climate and a supportive government, the country is a popular choice for tourism and business pursuits.

Good Dining

The local dishes are the country’s testament to its diversity and inclusion. Although there is a division in the menu among ethnic lines, a lot of the dishes are ultimately a mix of cultural influences. Western Asian fusions are common, but taste buds come alive with the Nyonya dishes (Malay Chinese Peranakan culture) and Mamak food (Malay Indians) among others.

Celebrations and Fiestas

Most of the celebrations are specific to its ethnic backgrounds, such as Eid’ ul-Fitri, Wesak Day and Chinese New Year, but they’re also shared by everyone else in the country – in true muhibah spirit. While these festivities are also observed in other parts of the globe, there are also festivals that are unique to Malaysia. Notable mention to the Rainforest World Music Festival and Sarawak Gawai Festival.

Malaysia as a BPO Destination

Several key countries across South East Asia have been popular sites for offshoring business processes. While the region has generally been at the forefront of offshoring, Malaysia in particular has been holding its own just fine. The generally stable political landscape has produced a workforce population that is fit to stimulate the economy and favourable towards knowledge-based service industries.

With a capable education system, tech savvy population, strong global exposure, as well as being a historically multilingual country, Malaysians tend to consistently be a strong contender as a solid resource of multi-disciplined talents.

Malaysia’s Business process outsourcing market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 7.9% and reach US$1.4 billion by end-2021, said International Data Corporation (IDC). The country was quick to adapt as the advent of cloud-based task management and chat software platforms enabled clients to manage teams remotely.

A Primed SSO Workforce

There has been a surge of fresh talents in recent years as a new batch of millennials began populating the market and helping mould the local shared services and outsourcing (SSO) landscape.

The advent of cloud-based platforms has furthered the industry as task management and chat software enable clients to manage their teams remotely. This operational agility, combined with the aggressively evolving local market, is seeing the market for the country’s offshore services moving away from ‘low-cost’ operations as multinational businesses are investing in this resource of skilled talents.

This focus on higher end skills such as marketers, designers, programmers and engineers is diversifying the types of operating models offshore businesses are putting together. These BPO models are generally multirole and rely heavily on the SSO providers to establish an effective structure that accommodates their objectives.

Diversity in Disciplines

Several fields of expertise have helped Malaysia stand out in its field as the go-to destination. Compared to India and China – Malaysia was once considered as a venue with low people skills where non-frontline work such as IT Consulting, Systems Integration and Finance were directed to.

Up until sometime 2014, the industry focus was shifted to expand to a wider scope of talents. Customer Service, Marketing and Human Resource services began developing and are now part of an overall value-driven offering.

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