Welcome ASW Global New Partners March 2019

March 11 ,2019
Welcome ASW Global New Partners March 2019


The sister company of One Investment Group (Unity Funds), One Investment Solutions (OIS) provide consulting-based services to over 150 leading investment managers across Australia. Recently, OIS have decided to partnered with ASW Global in their offshoring journey to facilitate more business development. Amy Nguyen in Vietnam office is the first staff of OIS’ talented and promising accounting team at ASW Global.


We are pleased to welcome Chris, Pat, and Saeed from Telstra in Box Hill Melbourne. Telstra are recognised as one of the most familiar brands in Australia and the team in Box Hill provide a wide range of communication services. Myron is their first team member performing Level 3 IT engineer support from our ASW Manila office. We’re excited to see how this business grows.


For Accountants is a consultancy business and an open source specifically designed for Australian and New Zealand accountants in public practice. Rob and Dale recently join us with their new member Patricia in Manila office who would support in data management and marketing admin role. Welcome Rob & Dale and hope that this partnership will help utilise technology, management and marketing capability for your efficient business operation.


ASW is proud to welcome our first Singaporean Client! Quen and BIT Solution Team are specialised in providing IT Managed Services to support a wide range of clients. By adding Roberto Vicente and Sarah Arciete from Manila office to the team, it is expected that BIT Solution will enjoy stronger growth curve and greater business development.


Justin from OIG (Unity Funds) and OIS decided that he needed some additional support for his personal entity and corporate structures. Given how pleased the other two businesses are performing with ASW Global’s support, it was an easy decision to have Lyly in Vietnam office join his team. Justin is expecting more operational support from the partnership and we are excited to have another quality brand in the business.