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Privately Owned Incorporated in Australia


Australia, Vietnam (3), The Philippines and Malaysia

No. of office


Total office space

4400 sqm2

No. of staff

Over 500

Annual turnover


Staff turnover rate


At AS White we pride ourselves on sourcing the right employees for our partners, no matter what the industry is and have years of experience doing it.  We make it our mission to attract highly capable individuals of the highest calibre for our Australian partners to grow their global teams.

We only select the most highly motivated and performing individuals with driven attitude towards work. We make sure we have the development and progression opportunities in place so that, we are able to retain talent and ensure our partners’ team is performing at its best with the motivation and desire to grow within the organisation.

We provide:

1. Customised Recruitment Solutions – Recruitment is at the heart of everything we do. To get started, we require an overview of your company goals, job descriptions, number of team members you require and desired attributes. We will use this information to create bespoke job adverts targeting the exact talent that will contribute towards the growth of your team.

2. Integrated Global Teams – Your new team members become part of your team. Your team will learn about your organisation, culture, values, and ways of doing things. You can develop and train your new team member as you would a local Australian employee, and provide them with any tasks that are required for your organisation.

3. Affordable Global Workforce – You can grow your organisation and team in a fraction of the time and costs that it would take to hire the same staff locally.

AS White is an agile company, with an independent and forward-thinking Board of Directors. Since 2011, the company has grown from 50 employees to over 500 employees internationally. Our agility and passion have allowed us to effectively service our growing portfolio of partners.


Our senior team has over two decades of experience with our company providing offshore solutions to organisations ranging from start-ups to government and large publicly-listed companies. Not only is our strength attracting and retaining talent, but also establishing a high performing organisational culture.

Our company is

A strong Australian leadership and management firm experienced in delivering offshored solutions to private and government sectors.

A draw card for well-educated, articulate talent in South East Asia.

An envied competitor in acquiring the cream of South East Asian talent.

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