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Koda Capital

Q&A with Andrew Rutherford, Founding Partner and COO of Koda Capital

Safetyline Jalousie

Q&A with one of Autralia’s Top
Entrepreneurs – Leigh Rust

AUB Group

“Our accounts team made us far more efficient and enabled our finance operations to cover more clients.”

Reaz Kabir, Financial Services Manager

Aviso All Points

“Our onshore brokers are able to allocate more time for their clients with the help of the offshore operations team who efficiently handle the back-end processing.”

Elissa Joines, Group General Manager


“We leverage our specialized skillsets via our offshore systems engineering team and this has enabled us to expand our products’ capabilities to our clients.”

Garry Thomas, Director

Hewison Private Wealth

“Our insurance support team has sped up and improved the efficiencies of our insurance advice process, which has enabled the improved growth of our insurance division.”

Marcus English, Private Client Adviser - Insurance


“We were able to rapidly build a full service digital marketing team that is now a vital part of our business and delivers exceptional results.”

Sophie O'Halloran, Marketing Manager

Neptune Managed Services

“ASW has proved that the offshore teams excel with an emphasis on accountability, creativity, and approachability. These teams strive to provide highly professional and amazing customer experiences that have resulted in happy clients.”

Geoff Bentley, CEO

Koda Capital

“Our claims processing team has facilitated more efficient & robust processing.”

Torty Howard, Head of Advice Services

Safetyline Jalousie

“Our estimation team made us far more efficient and brought more business in.”

Leigh Rust, Founder & Director

Tempus Wealth

“Our Insurance, Investment & Mortgage Broking support team have allowed us to spend less time dealing with product providers and more time providing exceptional service to our clients.”

Daniel Zahra, Practice Manager

Tingmore Structures

“With our structural team providing back end support, this has enabled up our onshore engineers to focus on meeting our clients’ needs.”

Joshua Tan, Principal Structural Engineer (Residential)

Platform Finance

“We can definitely see improvements in the number of finished deliverables ever since we partnered up with ASW. The staff they provided us perfectly fits our culture. It’s a gem working with him.”

Stanko Peric, Group Operations and Project Manager


“Involving offshore staff member in regular meetings with the onshore team helps create a better work dynamic for everyone and gets the offshore staff more enagaged.”

Lucas Cain, Operations Manager

For Accountants

“Patricia is more than just a Data Entry Administrator. She gladly takes on other projects even if it’s beyond her scope, which helps us accomplish more tasks. This also shows her commitment to our company and to ASW.”

Dale Crosby, Director

Pacific Finance

“Pacific Finance employed Roanne Alamag from ASW over 12 months ago. Having someone as professional, reliable, and hardworking as Roanne has been a real asset to our team. Any tasks that we give her she performs with accuracy, enthusiasm, and is always keen for more work. She is a very valuable member of our team.”

Joel Waddell, Director

Bond & Credit

“Tiffany and Dung are both very hardworking people who have consistently delivered high quality work. We are very happy to have them as part of our team.”

Michelle Speakman, Manager, Office & Administration


“Our relationship with ASW has been integral to the overall success of our software project and has even allowed us to take on additional major projects for ExamWorks that were not originally anticipated. The quality, enthusiasm, and work ethic of our 7-person development team has been outstanding and has exceeded our expectations in every way. Using ASW as a partner to our internal development team has allowed us to meet our commitments on-time and within budget, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Robert Radu, Software Development Manager

Keeping Company

“Our team is a group of excellent young individuals, who had spent time studying and working in Australia. They were able to communicate effortlessly with our team in Sydney and captured the work very fast.”

Tim Wearne, CEO

Leading Edge

“Our long time collaboration with ASW is a great success story. We started in 2013 with 2 members and added more headcounts overtime. We now have 11 enthusiastic and hardworking members who take care of our day to day administrative, payment process, bank reconciliation, etc. The team has made a great contribution to our business success.”

Simon Lane, CEO

One Investment Solution

“Vietnam team has been an excellent add-on to our business. Both of our members have been very hardworking and enthusiastic. Their willingness to learn and determination to deliver high quality work are valuable to us. We are very pleased with the outcome of this partnership with ASW.”

Lauro Ramos, Chief Financial Officer


“Anh, Khoa and Quang are pivotal members of our team and we have a great working relationship with each of them, I feel that they give their all to each and every task they are given. They always understand the technical and business strategies that all the IT team here at Premex are striving to achieve. They take on any task with enthusiasm and energy. I feel privileged to be part of such a great team. I also feel that because of this great relationship we have grown from strength to strength. Well done to all of them and it is well deserved!!”

Dan Johnson - Technical Delivery Manager


“We work closely as a team. The VN QC test team add additional resources to our testing team in NZ.”

Janine Greenwood, Software Tester

Zen Enterprise

“We are very happy with the team’s capability, professionalism and commitment to deliver consistent high quality work. The team is always eager to provide a high level of technical knowledge adding to the depth to our business. So far we’ve been very pleased with the outcome.”

Graham Hemsworth, Co-Founder

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