Employee Case Studies

Genie Francisco

IT Administration Assistant - Philippines Device Tech

I am so happy and grateful I got to working with Device Technologies and AS White, both are very supportive.

Feedback of Entire Team

Philippines Medhealth

ASW and Medhealth has been supportive from Day 1. I built great relationships with my teammates and the other employees of Medhealth. ASW lives by their brand – work life balance. The entire Medhealth team enjoyed the Company Trip.

Raquel Castillo

Team Leader - Philippines IPAR

Both ASW and IPAR has been very supportive. I am very happy to be part of this team.

Feedback of Entire Team

Vietnam Koda Capital

ASW and Koda Capital, our client, share several cultural values that are similar in many ways. Beside amazing work life balance-oriented activities, we as employees always feel our voices are truly heard as we have well observed how the company and the client have continuously built on employees’ views and wellbeing in many aspects. We profoundly value our journey with the company and the client from day one, as well as greatly appreciate their relentless endeavors in caring for us and supporting our personal developments.

Jessie Bui

Team Lead - Vietnam Unity Fund

Per my personal experience, the most important things that i have experienced here once working at ASW/UFS are the following:

  • Have opportunities to work with/learn from excellent Leaders (ie: ASW’s CEO – Mr. Joe Fussell , UFS’ Managing Director – Mr. Steve Beland, and from Senior Managers in UFS Sydney office ), who are very supportive not only for our team, but for myself personally.
  • Friendly working environment which encourages employees to have Work Life Balance lifestyle.
  • Have chance to improve knowledge and leadership skills via ASW’s training programs as well as day to day managing the team.
  • Last but not least, the company not only cares about the employees, but also about their families (ie: Insurance policies, annual companies trips.)

Gracey Cruz

Assistant Manager - Philippines Unity Fund

I have never thought that working back in the financial industry will be this great. Working with ASW and Unity Fund Services promotes work-life balance and collaboration. There is always a room for growth and opportunity to step-up. Everyone is always ready to help out in times when needed.

Joachim Cheng

Creative Director - Malaysia Cleanaway

I have been working with Cleanaway, Australia’s largest waste management and resource recovery company for over 5 years, the length of time in itself a testament to how enriching the experience has been and continues to be serving as Creative Director for this ASX100 organisation. With the support of AS White’s incredible offshoring model, we have integrated ourselves deep within the fabric of Cleanaway’s culture and it’s 6500+ employees, resulting in ticks for employee and client satisfaction metrics – an inclusive culture, stimulating work and growth opportunities. As a creative team of writers, graphic designers and videographers, we couldn’t ask for more. Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond!

Anand Jaybalan

Engineering Manager - Malaysia Spirit

I enjoy working for ASW and our end client Spirit as I am engaged with challenging projects which keeps motivated, engaged, and I feel like I’m constantly learning and growing.

This is not limited only to me, but it also allows my team to develop new skills and progress in our career path.

I certainly feel proud to work for this company as we promote positive work culture, having supportive colleagues, trust, and respect for each other.

Harparveen Kaur

Delivery Lead - Malaysia Symbio

It’s been a wonderful career opportunity and growth being as an employee. We are always encouraged to further enhance our leadership, technical and soft-skills capabilities. It is great to embrace instil principles in demonstrating these qualities wherein everyone takes personal accountability and be respectful to others every day. I am truly proud to be part of this wonderful organisation.

Jeraminne Paul C. Santos

Digital Campaign Manager - Phillipines Cleanaway

Growing every day. Learning every day. I have learned and lived these phrases in working with ASW and CWY for almost two years now. My position entails to monitor and study customer behavior often and ASW and CWY don’t fail to support me in fulfilling my everyday tasks. Professionally, I’m just grateful that these companies provide stability in time of uncertainties just like the pandemic, that even working remotely the entire week, the trust is already there since Day 1. I’m just happy to be part of ASW – CWY family.