Talent Acquisition

Our Talent Acquisition team is made up of specialist Talent Acquisition Consultants (Recruiters), located in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

ASW is committed to being an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer, which means that we ensure that all employment decisions are based on the needs of the business, job requirements and the individual’s qualifications, without regard to race, colour, religion or beliefs, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, relationship or marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law in the countries in which we operate.

We ensure that our process is entirely compliant with local EEO laws. This includes:

  • Ensuring that position descriptions do not contravene EEO requirements;
  • Ensuring that our recruitment evaluation processes are compliant; and
  • Making sure that any prioritized groups are accounted for in the process.
ASW Talent Acquisition

At ASW we are supported by clear, strong leadership. This goes to show that we are respected and that our contribution to the company is appreciated.

What kind of person thrives at ASW?

Your career with ASW starts here

Securing your new career opportunity with ASW starts with understanding what is included in the recruitment process.


We believe that recruitment is a two-way street.  Our Vision at ASW is to create the world’s most talented international family and we find that candidates who align to this and our Values make a great transition into our Culture and team Environment. We want you to take the time to get to know Us a little too, so check out our About Us, CSR, and Linkedln.

Jobs with ASW will either be in one of our internal ASW teams (e.g. Talent Acquisition, HR, Account Management, IT, Finance etc), or with one of our client teams.  Regardless of the opportunity you are interested in, you will be employed directly by ASW in your local country.


Your CV/resume should be 1-2 pages maximum and we suggest you highlight the relevant skills and experience that match the job requirements. Give details about major projects you have delivered and importantly talk about how that helped the business be better in terms of specific outcomes (achievements).  Where you can, try and quantify those outcomes (% growth, reduction in time taken, improved speed, cost reduction, better customer experience) If you’re a recent school or university graduate, include projects or coursework that demonstrate the skills that are listed in the job advertisement.

Should you apply for a position with us online, you will receive an automated acknowledgement via email so that you know we have received your CV.


JOB SEARCHING1. Suitable candidates will be phone-screened and/or formally interviewed by one of our Talent Acquisition team. This meeting is to ascertain your skills, experience, motivations, and alignment to the role, as well as our culture and values.

APPLICATION2. Interview tips and client position descriptions are provided for candidates who are shortlisted for interview with one of our partners.

INTERVIEW PROCESS3. Our clients generally interview shortlisted candidates over MS Teams/Zoom. Interviews may include behavioural, competency, technical or specialist questions. Some clients require testing or assessments as part of their selection process.

DECISION-MAKING/OFFER4. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will support you every step of the way and provide feedback after each interview.


If we/the client decide that you’re the best candidate for the role, your Talent Acquistion Specialist/Consultant will reach out to you with a verbal offer.

The local ASW HR team will send you your formal letter of offer/employment contract and will discuss any questions you have about benefits, insurances etc with you.