ASW Encourages Learning Opportunities with Coursera and LinkedIn

April 12 ,2022
ASW Encourages Learning Opportunities with Coursera and LinkedIn

As a people-focussed organisation, we at ASW remain committed in investing in our staff’s professional and personal progress. In line with our core values of Continuous Improvement and Personal Development, our Learning & Development team has partnered with online learning giants Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. This is a tremendous opportunity for our staff to attain relevant knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance their current skillset, thereby adding value to the business of our client partners.

Coursera’s curated catalogue allows our employees to browse through and sign up for online courses from the world’s top universities and industry leaders. They can choose a SkillSet that they can focus on with matching recommended courses to help them increase their capabilities dynamically. It also provides a skill tracking guide to follow their development over time so they can compare it to industry benchmarks and our own objectives. The training sessions feature guided projects for the employee to complete, using real-world scenarios that they can apply in their respective job roles.

LinkedIn Learning is also an online educational platform that offers more than 5,000 courses to discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills. These are presented through video sessions by experts in the field, along with exercise files, assessments, and video transcripts. Our employees can also access, subscribe, and select from entire libraries of learning content, based on personalised recommendations. Upon completion of every course, our staff can add these courses and related skills to their own LinkedIn profile.

Both platforms allow the learners to earn and showcase certificates of the courses they’ve accomplished. They can easily share it in their respective social media, giving recognition to their newfound learnings and mastery of new skills.

To ensure strong engagement, we regularly inform our staff about the learning campaigns for each month and provide recommendations of the courses that they can explore in Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Currently, we’ve been seeing a high level of participation from our employees across all ASW locations. It is a clear indication of how much our staff values the importance of these learning and development initiatives and the enormous success of responding to their needs in their career journey.