How MedHealth Mastered Technological Transformation and Fueled More Growth

May 12 ,2020

MedHealth’s distributed software development team has enabled transformation and innovation to help the business stay ahead in Australia’s health solutions industry.

The Case Study – MedHealth

The MedHealth Group is the largest provider of independent, evidence-based medical advisory services with more data and insights on insurance claims than any other health risk management group. They have comprehensive knowledge in clinical, medico-legal and insurance matter servicing individuals, corporates and government.

Yet even the highly accredited, well-established IT systems and infrastructure proved hard to run parallel with MedHealth’s monumental growth. Rapid expansion has resulted in the extensive network of over 1,200 medical specialist consultants, over 3,000 GP and treating health practitioners plus 1,700 allied health, employment and support professionals collaborating in 288 sites across Australia.

The Challenge

The group is in increasing demand for fully customised software and systems to manage big data, an ever-growing client base, multinational connectivity, as well as ensuring integration throughout their 17 medical, rehabilitation and employment brands.

The management board of MedHealth decided to take the challenges head-on and set out for smarter software development solutions.

“Offshoring was the answer to quickly and efficiently leverage the group’s in-house software development capabilities during a pivotal time of change.”

The ASW Global Solution

The strategic decision to go virtual saw MedHealth and ASW Global joining hands in 2016. The goal was to build a highly capable, dedicated software development team and keep the transition in favour of the group’s momentum of development.

Following the initial meeting between ASW Global managers and MedHealth’s management board, we consulted Mr. Mark Dal Pozzo, General Manager – Business Technology at MedHealth, on this ambitious plan and envisioned a long-term strategy for the best outcomes.

After careful assessment and discussion, Vietnam appeared to be the perfect destination for MedHealth to build their software development team. With a highly regarded talent pool, the first three staff were on board within weeks and ready for many ambitious projects to come.

Finally, ASW Global integrated all required IT systems to connect MedHealth’s onshore and offshore teams based in ASW Vietnam offices. We also supported MedHealth’s managers in providing intensive training sessions for their new employees, allowing them to quickly and effectively take over the company’s software development.

The End Result

  • Three years of partnership between MedHealth and ASW Global – and still counting
  • 13 staff – MedHealth’s financial and software development teams currently based in our offices
  • Two countries where MedHealth calls home to their distributed teams – Vietnam and the Philippines

“ASW Global helps us reach the best IT professionals in Vietnam. The teams contribute to many successful software development and deployment, which fuel our iconic growth in Australia.” 

– Mark Dal Pozzo, General Manager – Business Technology at MedHealth

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