Inspiring Excellence: The ASW Culture Champs and Client Spotlight Awards

February 24 ,2022
ASW Culture Champs

As a people-focused organisation, ASW takes pride in cultivating a company culture and working environment that bring out the best in our employees. It’s only fitting that we acknowledge those who imbibe our values as reflected in their exemplary work, in their excellent service to our clients, and in their relationship with fellow colleagues. Our recognition awards are not only meant to reward these outstanding individuals but also to inspire every staff member to strive beyond expectations.

Culture Champion Award

We identify ASW Culture Champions as outstanding individuals who believe that our organisational culture has a significant impact on the business and the people we work with. They bring our corporate values to life, act accordingly, and inspire others to embody these values in their work:


We’re big believers in providing support for one another, cooperating towards a common goal, and respecting each other’s viewpoints. In the process, we make our working environment collaborative and enjoyable.

Continuous Improvement

Learning never ends. We are committed to getting better every day at what we do and how we do it. We provide platforms where our employees can learn how to expand their skillset and improve their capabilities, which will be reflected in their performance.


We are open and transparent in all our dealings and maintain the highest integrity at all times. We hold ourselves accountable and encourage constructive feedback at all levels to drive continuous improvement.

Personal Development

Our business is our people. We are committed to providing a supportive workplace that nurtures and grows talent. We provide the best opportunities for our people to succeed in their career and personal endeavours, and we encourage them to avail of these avenues for growth.

Client Spotlight Award

We award this recognition to employees for their exceptional work performance as identified by our clients. These individuals have consistently excelled in their positions and have demonstrated notable achievements throughout the year, with positive results for our client’s business and within our organisation. They should meet the following criteria:

Exemplary Achievement and Performance

They must consistently and substantially exceed the expectations of the position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements and resulting in significant contributions to the business.

Excellence in Customer Service/Personal Interaction

They must demonstrate the ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully, and effectively with others. They can manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organisation, and show the exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation between themselves and their fellow team members.

Outstanding Initiative and Creativity

They have introduced initiatives and creative solutions that have significantly improved a work process or system or increased the efficiency of an operation or task. They also consistently seek to improve the quality of the work assigned and demonstrate efforts to expand work responsibilities.

Aside from these two major awards, we also recognise individuals and team members for their accomplishments via Team of the Month awards which we share on our social media platforms. We also acknowledge employees who are celebrating their 5th and 10th year work anniversaries. These are among the many ways we encourage engagement and instil motivation in our employees to excel in their fields.

To the 2021 winners of these awards from Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, congratulations and keep up the fantastic work!