The Complete Salary Guides to building Technology teams in Viet Nam and Malaysia

IT & Software

Build your ideal IT infrastructure or Software team that will enable you to deliver your solutions and services to your customers and partners with 24/7 accessibility. Work with experts to develop software, websites, applications, and implement innovations that align with the requirements of your business. Scale with remote IT professionals experienced in Agile methodology who uphold world-class standards in creating scalable solutions for all your projects.

From the initial introduction to the final optimisation of your team, ASW provides an end-to-end solution with a focus on certified data security, providing the best talent and facilities available for your peace of mind.

ASW’s IT and software services include:

  • AI, AR and VR Development
  • Design Engineering
  • Front-End
    and Back-End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • IT Infrastructure Engineering
  • Mobile Application
    and Game Development
  • Programming
  • Quality Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Service Desk
    and Managed Services
  • Software and Web Development
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Our 4-step process to successful offshoring


We familiarise ourselves with your company and business goals to formulate a fully tailored solution.


While you make the final hiring decision, ASW will build your ideal team by partnering with you to source the best talent and coordinate the entire process from interview to offer.


Our specialised IT team will integrate all required software and communication tools to enable seamless connectivity.


Your dedicated Account Manager will work closely with you to coordinate training sessions, reporting and regular feedback to ensure absolute success.

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