Refer. Recruit. Be Rewarded.

Join The ASW Employee Referral Program.

Refer. Recruit. Be Rewarded.

Join The ASW Employee Referral Program.

Refer. Recruit. Be Rewarded.

Join The ASW Employee Referral Program.

Encourage your friends to apply and join our global team.
Receive a reward of up to AUD$1,000 if your referral is successfully recruited!

What is the ASW Employee Referral Program (ERP)?

At ASW, your personal connections matter. We encourage you to refer a family member, a friend, or someone from your network who is a perfect fit for the vacancies in our company.


Gift a new job to your referrals where they can work with supportive and appreciative clients. Enjoy the benefits from our referral program today!

One of our biggest motivators at ASW is working with nice, supportive and appreciative clients.

How much is the Referral Reward?

At ASW, your contribution to the company is appreciated. When you refer someone for a role at ASW,
you give them the opportunity to work in our supportive family environment, with appreciative clients.

Enjoy the benefits from our referral program today!

1 Senior Manager / Leader (any discipline)
Technical / IT roles (mid-level to senior)
2 All other roles $500
3 Administrative / Data entry roles
(not requiring degree qualifications)

How do I participate in the Employee Referral Program?

Step 1

STEP 1: Find available jobs

Fortnightly, hot jobs are listed on this page. However, all employees can refer their connections to any of our current vacancies listed on the ASW Careers site.

Job Title Job Description
Data AnalystDownload here
Fund AccountantDownload here
Microsoft Dynamics DeveloperDownload here
Application Support SpecialistDownload here
Python Developer (Reporting)Download here
Job Title Job Description
System Security AnalystDownload here
Financial Planning AdministratorDownload here
Broking AssistantDownload here
Job Title Job Description
Legal SecretaryDownload here
Senior Supply Chain AnalystDownload here
Junior Graphic DesignerDownload here
Boomi Integration DeveloperDownload here
Marketing Cloud AdministratorDownload here
Sales System Administrator & Automation SpecialistDownload here
Graphic DesignerDownload here


Step 2

STEP 2: Send your referral’s CV

  • Employees must gain their referral’s permission prior to sending their CV to us, via email:
  • Please indicate your name, your job title, your email address, the job and position number that you are referring them to.
  • You may also mention how you know the person you are referring and why you think they’re right for the position.

Want to make it even easier to get rewarded?

Follow ASW profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to be the first to know about Job Vacancies.

Reshare to your personal profile with your Employee ID and application link included.

If any of your network applies and is successfully recruited for a role with ASW you will receive the referral bonus!

What happens next?

Thank you for helping grow our ASW family! Here’s what will happen next:


  • All referred candidates will receive a Thank You acknowledgement from a member of the Talent Acquisition (TA) team. If the candidate meets the requirements of the role, then one of our TA Consultants will interview them to ascertain suitability.
  • If the referred candidate is hired, then you will be notified by a member of the TA Team.
  • The HR/Finance Team will be in touch with you once they pass probation.



  1. Only full-time positions with a contract term of at least 12 months are included in the Referral Program.
  2. Referrals may include friends, family, or professional colleagues or acquaintances, whose qualifications and experience give evidence of matching the essential selection criteria for a designated vacant position at ASW.
  3. A candidate ownership period of 6 months applies. Referrals of individuals already known to ASW (e.g., ex-employee, or a candidate already interviewed by ASW/client in the last 6 months) will not be accepted as an eligible referral at this time.
  4. If referring someone for a role in your own team (e.g., a Team Leader referring a candidate to a direct report role), employees must ensure that no favouritism is shown during the recruitment process. Similarly, they must not be involved in the final decision to hire.
  5. It is our aim that as many employees as possible are eligible to be rewarded within this scheme, however there are some specific exemptions:
    • Talent Acquisition Team, Human Resources Team, Account Management Team.
    • Any member of staff who could affect the outcome of a fair referral process (this is at CEO discretion).
  6. Payment of reward will be made to referring employee upon the successful completion of probationary period (varies dependent on location).
  7. ASW reserves the right to change or remove this scheme at any time.