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How it works

AS White focuses on providing the most well suited and talented individuals to work for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Here are the steps to get started:


Step 1 – Meeting to discuss business requirements & goals

Initial meeting to discuss your business objectives and how offshoring can allow your business to grow. Providing us with as much information as possible about your business so, we can better understand your business needs and what roles you can potentially offshore. AS White will provide transparency throughout the whole process so you have the complete comfort and feel in control the entire time.


Step 2 – Devise a recruitment plan

Together, we will come up with a recruitment plan that outlines the number of offshore roles you require, desired experience, education requirements, attributes of your new team members and provide indicative range of salary for each role, as some roles may vary depending on seniority.


Step 3 – Develop go-to-market strategy and advertise the preferred roles

You provide us with a job description for each role to help us market to the right talent pool, we will then review the job description, tweak (if required) and post it online. Within a week, we will provide you with a report attaching potential candidates and/or necessary adjustments to the ad to receive more applicants.


Step 4 – Screen, shortlist & interview candidates

We will phone screen and shortlist all applicants who we believe are best matched and present you with options. Then, we will conduct face-to-face interviews (that you are welcome to participate in) for the final selection or you can simply leave it to us to select.


Step 5 – Hire and set up office facilities for new team

AS White will look after successful onboarding applicants. We ensure your new team is equipped with the required hardware/software and we will work with your IT department to implement any customised software for your new team members prior to their commencement date.


Step 6 – New team starts at AS White offices and ready for training

Your new team will be ready to start working for your company and you can commence induction/training as you would with any other staff member regardless of location. Training can be provided live face-to-face either in host country or Australia, via phone, Team Viewer, Skype or video conferencing facilities.

Account Management

AS White has dedicated account managers to assist with the new partnership. They will work with you to devise the best strategies to train your new team and ensure you can confidently and quickly start assigning them with tasks. They are here to provide support to ensure a smooth transition to the offshore model and are available at any point throughout the partnership.

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