Unlocking Leadership Potential with ASW’s HiPo Program

April 12 ,2022
ASW HiPo Program

At ASW, we recognise staff members who have the drive and the potential to move up the corporate ladder and assume leadership roles. As such, we are launching the second version of our High Potential (HiPo) Foundation Skills program for selected individuals who have been identified as emerging leaders in our organisation.

The program aims to encourage high potential employees to develop the skills they need to transition to their new leadership roles. This will also enable participants to unlock their potential and develop key leadership skills needed to achieve impactful results in their teams. Staff members included in the program will have the opportunity to improve their leadership in the areas of self-awareness, communication, performance management, and critical thinking.

The HiPo program will be conducted over the space of multiple months and will include live training sessions, supplementary courses in our online learning platforms, and projects/assignments. There will be pre-, mid- and post-assessments to measure the employee’s performance and validate skills improvement.

Through this Learning & Development initiative, we hope to produce future leaders who will be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to become the foundation for building winning teams. We take great pride in supporting them as they take this huge step in their career development.