Employee Case Studies

Joshua Gonzales: Staying True, Cool, and Focused

June 06 ,2024
ASW Global Philippines Joshua Gonzales

Meet Joshua from ASW Philippines, a dynamic graphic artist whose creativity knows no bounds and one of ASW’s Culture Champ awardees. Get to know more about his passion for motorcycling, his background in dance, and his inspiring advice for his fellow ASW colleagues.

1. Hi! Please introduce yourself. What is your role and responsibilities at ASW?

Hi! I’m Joshua Gonzales, Packaging Finishing Artist (for a client partner) at ASW.

ASW Global Philippines Joshua Gonzales

2. Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you ended up in your current role?

I’m a graduate of Multimedia Arts and have been a Graphic Artist for almost 10 years. I’ve worked with a lot of printing companies and happily ended up as a Packaging Designer/Finishing at ASW.

3. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about?

Mostly, I’ve been riding my motorcycle and going on adventures. What I enjoy about riding my motorcycle is that I can go to different beautiful places that a car can’t get to. In the past, I was a dancer, mostly at big competitions/events in the dancing community. Different kinds of genre but mostly hip-hop dancing. I enjoyed competing with other professional dance groups.

ASW Global Philippines Joshua Gonzales

4. How do you stay motivated, especially during challenging situations?

I just keep my cool and stay focused on my goals.

5. Congratulations on your Culture Champ award for Personal Development! What specific characteristics have helped you achieve this recognition?

ASW always surprises me, from the work-life balance to the company events and trips. Actually, I was surprised by this kind of award. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I just want to learn new things and do what I need to do to improve my skills and especially myself.

ASW Global Philippines Joshua Gonzales

6. Is there a particular goal that you would like to achieve (professional or personal)?

My main goal is to simply become successful in life. I can provide whatever my family needs in any circumstances.

7. Who has been the biggest influence or role model in your life?

My family, of course. They are always there for me through ups and downs. That’s why I keep going and give back what I can to them.

8. What would you like people to know about where you’re from (the Philippines)?

People always say Filipinos are very hospitable, accommodating, and always smiling. That’s why people from different countries love to travel here in the Philippines.

ASW Global Philippines Joshua Gonzales

9. What values are most important to you, and why?

Love, Compassion, and Respect. Those are the best values for me that you can use in life and also at work.

10. What advice/inspiring words would you like to share with your colleagues at ASW?

Just be true to yourself and stay focused. Take advice from other folks, use what you can but ignore what is not for you. Trust yourself and believe in what you are doing.