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Nik Muhammad Taufik: Developing the Winning Mentality

April 11 ,2024
ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

Bringing his A-game in both sports and work has made Taufik a dependable team leader, with two ASW employee awards under his belt. Read about his inspiring work ethic, his sports hero, and what makes Malaysia a great country.

1. Hi! Please introduce yourself. What is your role and responsibilities at ASW?

I am Taufik, and I am a Team Leader at ASW. My responsibilities include monitoring and assessing the progress of the team, developing opportunities to help team members grow their knowledge and skills, and to prevent and manage any rising conflict within the team.

ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

2. Can you share a brief overview of your professional journey and how you ended up in your current role?

My professional journey at ASW started in 2018 as a Data Entry agent. I was appointed as ATL apprentice back in 2019 and I have successfully assisted 5 nesting teams in just under one year. Finally in 2020, I was given the trust and honour to become the Team Leader and am currently leading my 7th team in this role at the company.

3. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or activities that you are passionate about?

Back in high school, I used to play sports like football, rugby, etc. My hobbies and activities outside of work remain to be sports related. I enjoy going to sports events. Besides that, I love to embrace nature through agricultural activities.

ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

4. Congratulations on your double awards (5-year Loyalty and Client Spotlight)! What does being recognised for your achievements mean to you?

I am humbled and grateful for the awards given to me. It gave me self-assurance that all my hard work and values that I bring to the team and the company are being seen and validated.

5. How do you practise work-life balance?

I keep myself and my team productive during office hours, so that work can be done within stipulated hours. Hence, everyone can continue their livelihood outside of the workplace.

ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

6. How do you stay motivated and engaged in your daily tasks?

One of the many ways to stay motivated at work is by surrounding myself with people who are proactive and productive. I constantly inspire and encourage my team members to give their 110%. I learn to also have empathy towards the people I work with so that I may engage with them better at solving any rising conflict and completing our mutual daily tasks.

7. Can you describe a challenging situation you faced at work? How did you overcome it?

When I was assigned to a new hire team with different backgrounds for the first time. To prepare them, I exposed them to various tasks that suited their individual strengths and skills. As a result, a winning mentality is created for them to conquer their daily tasks. Collectively, they will perform very well.

ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

8. Who inspires you the most, and why?

As someone who is actively following the sports scene, David Beckham inspires me the most. He managed to build a successful career and become a family man. The ultimate work-life balance all of us aspire to have. I look up to his work ethics so much, and the way he prioritizes his family as well despite his demanding schedule at the peak of his career. I hope to someday build and manage my own business, just like David Beckham who now owns Inter Miami soccer club on top of other businesses and brands.

9. What would you like people to know about where you’re from (Malaysia)?

Malaysia Truly Asia! In the spirit of one place where we practice Unity in Diversity, this is the home of various cultures, cuisine, arts, and traditions of Asia. I am proud to be a Malaysian, especially coming from my beloved hometown state Terengganu. I believe what makes a country great is the people. Malaysians are among the kindest and the most welcoming nation you will ever meet.

ASW Global Malaysia Nik Muhammad Taufik

10. What advice/inspiring words would you like to share with your colleagues at ASW?

To never stop learning, because the key to success is dedication to life-long learning. This has always been how I live life, and I demonstrate the same value towards the work that I do. I am constantly learning from my colleagues and everyone else I have crossed paths with at some point in life.