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Shining the Spotlight on 3 Award-Winning Women Leading the Way

March 05 ,2024
ASW Global celebrates women's month

Brigitte, Fatin, and Vy are among the many women at ASW Global who are committed to excellence in their work. In celebration of Women’s Month, we’re sharing their career highlights, inspirations, and insights.

BRIGITTE SUBA: ASW Philippines Culture Champ & Client Spotlight Awardee

  • Creative and Brand Manager for client partner Pact Group
  • Enjoys travelling and the adrenaline rush of extreme sports

Brigitte Suba, ASW Global Philippines

On being recognized for her team’s achievements:

“I am more than happy and grateful to share the Client Spotlight award with my team. And I wouldn’t be awarded as one of ASW’s Culture Champs if not for my team. I just made sure that we are always on top of every request to manage the stakeholders’ expectations. I am happy that my team became a role model to other departments within Pact Group and with that, they are building their own teams under ASW.”

Brigitte Suba, ASW Global Philippines

The woman who inspires her the most:

“My Mom. As a mother of two, she has shown endless love and support to our family. She sacrificed her professional career to be a full-time housewife. She is so selfless that she would rather buy something nice for us instead of buying something for herself. I would like to honour her this Women’s Month.”

Her advice to young career women:

“Do not give up easily. Take any trials and challenges as a learning curve. If you make a mistake, accept your shortcomings, learn from it, and come back stronger. Work with integrity and take pride with your work as you are contributing to the success of the company.”

NUR FATIN ATHIFAH BINTI ABDUL HALIM: ASW Malaysia 5-Year Loyalty & Client Spotlight Awardee

  • Wife, mother, and team leader
  • Nature-tripping and trying new places to eat and explore

Nur Fatin Athifah Binti Abdul Halim, ASW Global Malaysia

On her leadership journey at ASW:

“I started in June 2018 as a Data Entry Analyst, then I became an Assistant Team Leader, and now a Team Leader. If I meet my old self or anyone close to me 10 years ago, they will not believe that I am a Team Leader right now. It shows how timid and introverted I am. There is a lot more that I need to learn, but there are also a lot of things that I have improved on. I would like to show my appreciation to those who have supported me and have trusted in me more than I trust myself.”

The women she admires at work and in life:

“My mom – a full-time housewife and mother of 8 children – is the real definition of a supermom. My respect for her grows as I can’t imagine the hardship she went through to ensure all her kids grew up to be successful. I would like to thank my former GM Praveena and my current OM Jonah who are like iron ladies to me. Praveena mentored me during a critical phase in my career, providing guidance and support that significantly contributed to my professional development. I respect Jonah for her ability to handle multiple TLs across Kuala Lumpur and Manila, delivering her points and accepting feedback.”

Nur Fatin Athifah Binti Abdul Halim, ASW Global Malaysia

Overcoming challenges as a woman:

“When I was blessed with my daughter, I needed to reset my priorities, manage my time, and handle my workload better. Having an understanding GM is also helpful as I can voice out any help or recommendation. Shout out to all mummies, or working ladies, or both, to be able to stay strong and deliver the best that we can, be it at work or at home.”

VY PHAM: ASW Vietnam 10-Year Loyalty Awardee

  • Executive Assistant to ASW CEO Joe Fussell
  • Loves to travel, learning other cultures, and creating texture art

Vy Pham, ASW Global Vietnam

On her 10-year ASW journey and her proudest moment at work:

“I started with ASW 10 years ago. I met Joe Fussell and was interviewed by him on his business trip to Vietnam. I knew immediately this was the right place for me. As an Executive Assistant, my main job is to make Joe’s life easier: managing his daily schedule and paperwork, arranging his meetings and travels. I also help organize company events (company trips, year-end parties, office fit-outs), and working with the lawyer on legal aspects. I am very happy whenever we finish a new office project, and the employees and clients are wowed by them. Working in a nice office is a very important aspect to attract candidates and to retain staff so I am proud that I could be a part of it.”

The woman who unlocked her potential:

“My previous boss was the first one who taught me how to become a good EA. She patiently trained me as she could see the potential in me. She was strict and wasn’t easy, but all the experiences I’ve learned from her have benefitted me in my current career and in life.”

Vy Pham, ASW Global Vietnam

On supporting women beyond Women’s Month:

“We can continue to implement initiatives like mentorship programs, diversity training, and equitable advancement opportunities. In an inclusive culture that recognizes our efforts, we can empower women in our community to thrive.”